Little Loves – WIN this new clear stamp set!


  1. VERY Cute!! Love the smiling faces…

    As to the question: I really dislike when parents YELL at their children (who are tired and fussy), instead of trying to listen to the child’s need and then accommodate it.

  2. Adorable new images and so sweet! The DT did an awesome job showcasing these cuties and I love the new odds and ends! It drives me nuts when parents don’t practice what they preach. They correct their child but don’t look at themselves to see that they are setting the bad example.

  3. I love them. Rally cute. Ooh and odds and ends as well anything sparkles gets this girls attention.

  4. Super cute! I dislike it when parents “helicopter” their children and don’t allow them to make mistakes and learn from them.

  5. Adorable!!!! and i love that with a change of colour in effect your getting 4 images 😉

    I hate to see young children being shouted at in shops because they are bored of wandering round looking at boring material that has neither use nor ornament to them, however hiding between the clothing racks ….price less!!!


  6. Love these little loves stamps! So great for all the new babies arriving. 🙂

  7. Fun stamps, these are so cute! Love all the different styles, you all have amazing projects.

    It bothers me when parents with newborns don’t put socks on their babies, I know that’s silly, but to me, babies need some booties on those feet! 😉

  8. very cute stamp.

  9. they are so cute
    what irritates me are those moms who leave their baby in the car time to get bread
    I think it’s super dangerous

  10. Gorgeous stamps!!! Love it… and the odds and ends are awesome.
    I HATE…when parents keep bullying their children. Calling names… making them feel insecure…

  11. Really cute babies! Great job.

  12. What a super cute set!

    What drives me crazy are parents that tell their kids not to do something but when the children go on stop saying it after 3 times, so the children keep doing it.


  13. Sooooo cute, great projects everyone. So I have never done this but I’ve seen other parents do this and it drives me crazy. I can’t stand it when they clean the baby’s pacifier with their month. I know it’s your baby but he/she don’t need your germs. I’m just saying.

  14. What an awesome set!!!!!

    Wat drives me crazy parents won’t let their children ‘be’ children; they’re always hovering, not allowing them to do this or that. Let the child be a child for crying out loud!!!

  15. I hate it when parents ignore their kids, who are playing up in public…

  16. Super adorable!! I have a bunch of things I dislike that parents do but I’m gonna keep this fun and tell about the thing I couldn’t stand my parents do which was when they would say “because I said so”, “because I’m the parent”, and “because I pay the bills so if you don’t like it there’s the door”, lol!

  17. Super cute images! I am so excited I just got some of your stamps in my mail box yesterday tomorrow I will be playing!

    I dislike it when parents forget that I am not use to their children and they may not notice they are screaming but I sure do.

  18. What a set of cuties 🙂
    I dislike it when parents make excuses for their children as to why they don’t help out .. pretty sure they are just lazy kids

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