BABY WEEK – new On Safari clear stamps!

BABY WEEK – new On Safari clear stamps!

Good morning, Odd friends!  We kick off a new week and while some of you (and us, too) might generally DREAD the Monday thing, we promise to bring you a little bright spot in this one!  🙂

It’s time for a new clear release at Some Odd Girl, and we have some super cute new sets available in the store NOW!  Today, we’re going to kick things off with the first of our BABY THEMED RELEASE…  This one’s called On Safari, and I could just melt from all the cuteness!

Let’s check ’em out, shall we?


Yeah, I’m personally TOTALLY in lurve with these cute critters, and how perfect for any new baby, boy or girl!  Let’s take a look at the Odd Girls’ inspiration, and a little something extra today!  😀

 Lenny, using the elephants & sentiment from On Safari (new clear set), the adorable
heart from Flirty Mae (clear) and the little bows from Kaylee’s closet (clear).
‘Cuz combining sets is FUN and means you get more mileage from your stamps (clear and digi!).  🙂

SOG new CLEAR release Nov 2013 On safari


On Safari  

 Mary Pat
…with that little something EXTRA I mentioned!  Ready?  Check this out!

Here’s Mary Pat‘s completed card – love the depth and interest with all that negative space!






Well whaddya think of THAT?!  Super adorbs, no? 

And, as always, you have a chance to WIN this set!  Leave comments on our posts over the next 3 days and you might just find some happy stampy mail in your mailbox!  🙂  Today’s question (and remember you have to answer the question to be eligible to win)…

Do you prefer the classic baby names to the inventive, modern names?
(Bonus points for examples!)

All comments must be left by WEDNESDAY at midnight EST, with winners announced Thursday morning!
Good luck!


  1. OMG! These are all so adorable! I love all the different looks you got from the same set. MP, great video!!

    I like names that are different, but not too hard to spell or to say. LOL! I also like when people use old family names or last names for first names.

  2. I can’t say that I prefer classic to modern, or vice versa. However I do prefer correct spellings over the more “inventive” creations I’ve seen lately… LOL

  3. Oh my gracious!! I so need this set.. the giraffe and ellies!!! oh em geee!! so dang cute!! Beautiful work from the DT!!

    I’m a new Mimi and as much as I love my little bundle of cuteness, I wish her mama would have went a more traditional spelling with her name.

  4. These are so super cute, love those little animal babies!!

    I do tend to prefer classic names, at least better than names like Apple, or Tank (yes, I’ve seen that one) I’ve seen some names that just make me think of that poor kid and all the teasing they will receive, or the mispronouncement of name every time they are called on in school.

    I do have a nephew that his first name is our family’s last name (he was named after both Grandfathers) So his name is Carter Stephen, I think that’s cute!! 😉

  5. These little guys are adorable. That is a hard question. Sometimes there are too many classic names that are used to often, but on the other side of the coin – sometimes the names that are modern are way out there. I.E. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and wife Catriona McGinn named their son Dekker Edward. (Edward I don’t mind, but Dekker – what kind of name is that) or Bob Geldof and Paula Yates name their child Fifi Trixibelle ?!?…

  6. Oh my word, these are soooo adorable! Awesome projects by the DT and so inspiring. I prefer classic names overall.

  7. {swoon} I am so in love!! I already had to order this set! LOVE it!! and I think I tend to like more of the classic names.

  8. OMG this is super cute!!!! Love it!!! and would LOVE it to find it’s way to my Mailbox!!!!

  9. These little critters are sooo adorable! I’m in love with them!

    I prefer classic names, and I like looking up the meaning of names too. If I had kids I would choose a name that both sound nice and mean something beautiful and/or meaningful. My favorite for a girl is Vera, after my great grandmother, which means “truth”, from the latin (or “faith” in russian). Unfortunately my samba is not so fond of that name… I’m trying to get him to warm up to it. 🙂

  10. They are just tooooo cute!!

    I prefer old fashioned names. If I were to have a daughter, she’d be named after my mother and my grandmother, to name two names: Siri and Sophie (my mom was called AnnSophie but I would have just kept one part). A boy would be named after my grandfathers, and my husband’s grandfather. One of those names being Carl (part of my maternal grandfather’s name), the other is a bit less old fashioned, since my paternal grandpa’s second name was Alexis. I’ve always loved that…
    Not telling which name would have been THE name thoug, or which order.. or what the third one would have been. And yup. I figured i ´t ALL out, even though we’re not having kids. I’m weird… 😛

  11. This is such a cute set! I have a million ideas floating in my head of the possibilities for cards..I would say I prefer inventive baby names to classic baby names but it also depends on the name because some ppl go a little overboard., Anyways thanks for the chance to win this set!! I’m crossing my fingers 🙂

  12. Looooove this cute release!!
    I prefer modern names.

  13. OMG! I love this set. Want to get. my hands on that one.

    I prefer the more classic baby names like Maarten, Christiaan Aafke, Anna, Eline and Tobias.


  14. I like modern names

  15. wow—-wow!!! sweet baby love! I like different names…not too vintage, not too modern (Apple doesn’t cut it for me!)My 2 boys were named classic names, where as my girl is different (April) but not tooo different…who knows what I like?? lol

  16. YAY! Such amazing creations, ladies!! I have to say, I really loved having a unique name growing up, and now it’s kind of strange because it’s not as unique as it used to be. I really like modern names…that being said, I wouldn’t even name my cat Pilot Inspektor….okay…yes I would

  17. I prefer classic names It makes it so much easier for the little one. I work in the child care field and the children with “different” names have a harder time. But the good thing about original names is none else has it. Bad if your trying to find a name plate for them with out customizing it. My BFF’s daughter is Alora different but so hard to find things with her name. My daughter is Sarah easier but she complains that everyone has her name. You really can’t win!! Lol

    By the way I seriously love this set!!! Super cute

  18. My grand kids have names that suit them to a t…… forever Jane, Teddie Louise & Mille Nessa….

  19. This stamp set is so cute!! I do like the modern and inventive names. I have a really common name, Stephanie. And it sucks that everywhere I go, if someone calls me I don’t know if they’re talking to me or someone else! So yeah, I like inventive names:)

  20. Love this stampset!!!
    I do love special names…
    And then especially the ones that mean something special!
    Can’t tell the names I love because I’m not allowed to tell them to anyone yet! Just wait till our babyboy is born!

  21. I like names that are different! My daughter’s name is Hayvn! Something unique & different, but with special meaning to me!

  22. I prefer the first names classic as that of my daughter Ilana who(which) means tree

  23. Such a cute set OMG perfect for all those new arrivals!!!!!
    Personally I like both but not the ones that’s are way out there!! I like traditional names like Jack and Charlie for both boys and girls just spelt differently like jak, charley, and less traditional like star and sky 🙂

  24. I love this stamp set. The elephant is so cute. I like old names. My two sons name are Noah and Conner.

  25. OMG! BABY GIRAFFE!! I’m not obsessed :p

    I’m a fan of traditional, or “normal” names… I have a niece Brianna, a nephew Samuel and a new nephew on the way – Lachlan… They are all fairly normal, which is good, as there were some really out there names on the table!

  26. Cute stamp set. I love the elephants. I like old names. My two sons name are Noah and Conner

  27. I adore the elephants! I like more traditional baby names, and names that are gender specific rather than gender neutral.

  28. I’m all ears!!! 🙂 Love it!!!
    I love the classic names, my daughter name is Beatriz. And I love names like Sophie, Isabella… and for boys Arthur, Philip…
    Hugs, Laila

  29. Adorable animals! They are so cute I want to hold and cuddle them!

  30. Hmmm baby names I like the names that sound nice. A name that I can say over and over again. The unique names are nice. I so love the baby animal stamp set it is soo cute.

  31. Oh I am in love with this set!

    I like long names that are more classic. Example Michael or Suzanne then they can be shortened and as the kids grow they can choose what they would like to be called as well as it can grow with them. for instance Mikey when they are little but Mike when they are a bit older.

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