Happy holidays, from all of the Odd Girls


  1. Fan flipper tastic! Penguins are my fave animal, and I love your card!

  2. I can’t say the first words that came out of my mouth, so I will say HOLY CATFISH THIS IS AWESOME! I think this is so flippin fantastic! Amazing job! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone at Some Odd Girl!

  3. When I saw this in the gallery … I was TOTALLY BLOWN away by this AMAZING background!!
    FANTASTIC spotlight!!!

  4. This is such an amazing project!! I immediately fell in penguin love with it!

  5. That… is…AWESOME!!! I’m so gonna try that!

  6. wooohoooo… I just hopped over to see if someone’s over here at this fantastic ODD World and then I had to rub my eyes… that’s soooooo coool to see my project spotlighted here 😉 THANKS SOOOO MUCH! Can’t tell you how much I love to play with these super cute penguins!!! Wish you all a happy wintertime! Happy NEW Year then… 3 2 1…
    Angie B 🙂

  7. How adorable. I love penguins and that background and image is just toooo cute.

  8. this is such a fabulous project! very creative!

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