Suzanne’s pin-spirational shrink plastic project!

Suzanne’s pin-spirational shrink plastic project!

Howdy, Oddies! Suzanne here with a fun and “pin-spiring” project to share with you today! Before I went to CHA, I made shrink plastic pins for everybody in the SOG booth, plus a few extras to give to my friends. Because we had a “hipster” theme for the booth, I stamped critter images on shrink plastic and added mustaches or glasses to up their hipness, and they were a HUGE hit!

You can see a few examples of the pins in the first photo. You can find shrink plastic in craft stores, and there are many different types. I’m using the pre-sanded kind. If you have the un-sanded kind, just rough it up a bit with sandpaper or a nail file in the spot that you’re going to use.


 I used Foxy for the main image, and the glasses from the Preppy Pups set. 

I like using Staz-On for stamping on plastic. I haven’t tried other types,
but if you have another kind that works for you, go for it!


I’m not using super-fancy colored pencils, either! After coloring, just flip the image over to check if you’ve missed any spots before you shrink it down. Here’s a quick comparison of the sizes before and after shrinking.


I used a heat tool to shrink the image. The shrink plastic package should also have
instructions in case you want to shrink your pieces another way, like in a toaster oven.

 Finally, I used a hot-glue gun to attach a small bar pin to the colored side. 

For the finished project, I made a tag with a sentiment from the Flirty Mae clear set and
attached the pin to the tag.  I think it would be a fun little gift to give to a friend, don’t you?



And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed my pin-spiration post today!

Join us tomorrow with some more fabness from the Odd Girls!

And today’s the LAST DAY for our Tag! You’re It! challenge, so jump on
that before it’s too late!  There are 3 digis and a 4×6 stamp set up for grabs!


  1. oh my! That is darling!~

  2. This is so AAAAAAWESOME, Suzanne!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

    PS: I totally looooove my little owl pin from CHA! 🙂 🙂

  3. These are the cutest things ever- such a special keepsake!

  4. How cute! I have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is so darn cute!!! I love that you turned it into a pin idea! I have heard that StazOn damages your clear stamps, so I’m wondering since you used it, if you have had any damage to the stamp or have you ever heard of it damaging? Thanks so much for sharing this adorable pin!

    1. You’re welcome! I clean the stamps right after I use them with Staz-On cleaner, so I haven’t had any problems yet.

  6. Oh, I so want to try this! Great tutorial!

  7. LOVE me some shrink dinks and these are adorable!!

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