A very special CHA spotlight – Hey Beth, what does the fox say?!


  1. I love that tag, and that smiling face of the girl that made it! Thanks for featuring my daughter!

    Shawn Mosch

  2. Aaaawesome Spotlight!!!
    wohoo!! great way to start the weekend! 🙂

  3. It’s so sweet and warms my heart to see the younger generation enjoying art! My daughter loves doing all forms of crafting and I just love it because too many kids are not getting to express their creativity with all the electronics now a days as well as a lot of the art programs have been removed from schools. So this was awesome to see this beautiful young lady making her fox. She did a spectacular job on her fox too! I can’t wait for this stamp set to be released!! My daughter keeps asking me as well when it’s coming, she’s just as excited as I am for this set!!

  4. Beth you did a great job coloring your fox!!! Love your tag but really love your love of arts and crafts!!!!

  5. Awesome! Some Odd Girl has all the best fans!!

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