Day 2 of new FAIRIES! Comment to win!

Day 2 of new FAIRIES! Comment to win!

Welcome back, Odd friends!  Leah the Orange here, and I’m so happy you’ve joined us for DAY TWO of our Fairies release!  I hope you enjoyed our Odd Girls’ inspiration yesterday, showing off the gorgeous new Flutter Fairy, and I just want to remind you that if you comment each day of the release, you might WIN that day’s stamp set!  CLICK HERE to check out yesterday’s post (and don’t forget to answer the question!). 

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the next little cutie in our series…  This one likes to hang with the woodland creatures, and is a bit of a nature nut.  😉  Meet ACORN FAIRY!



CHA SOG  Acorn fairy

Anna Sigga

Acorn Fairy





Acorn Fairy Release





Now we’ve had some requests for more BOY fairies, but I’d just like to point out that Acorn Fairy would look equally adorable as a short-haired girl pixie, too!  So grab all of our new sets by CLICKING HERE, color this one up however you’d like (and be sure to share your creations in our new Facebook Group so we can ogle them, and you might even earn yourself a spotlight!), and if you leave a comment below, you could WIN Acorn Fairy!  All you have to do is tell me this…

If you were a Fairy and could choose ONE critter as your
sidekick, what kind of critter would it be, and wh

Leave your comment below by Wednesday at midnight EST, and visit tomorrow for one more fairy reveal!
Our lucky winners will be announced Thursday!  Have a magically Odd day!




  1. Wow! love boy stamps always!! They are great 🙂 And if I had to choose one critter it would be a bird to fly together around the forest!

  2. ooohh–more awesome cuties!! (My DD loves that squirrel!lol)

  3. Wonderful creations! They are adorable! Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  4. Oh how adorable is he!! love it. I would choose a hawk as my sidekick. It would be so cool to fly on the back of one of those.

  5. Adorable stamp set!!! Congrats!!!
    If I were a fairy I would choose a firefly as my sidekick, I would be a night fairy and would enjoy the starry sky!!!! 😉

  6. These guys are too cute. Love all the great inspirations from the DT.

  7. Oops. Forgot to answer the question – If I were a fairy my side kick would have to be a mouse.

  8. LOVE all the cards, the coloring is AMAZING and love that the cards are just clean and simple =D If i were a fairy i would chose an Owl as my sidekick just because i like owl. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Sweet stamp set my side kick would be a hummingbird so we can both fly around at the super fast speeds

  10. Hi!
    Absolutely stunning creations! So very cute fairy. I would like to have a Fox as my sidekick if I was a Fairy because it’s one of the most beautiful animals I know.
    Hugs Frida

  11. ooo he is so cute for a babycard
    hhhmm my sidekick also enthusiasm and i love to jump on people
    hahahha the last one is a joke

  12. love it super cute

  13. Wonderful creations! They are adorable! Thank you for the chance!Brazilian hugs.

  14. Love this little guy!

  15. Sooo cute! I love the star on his wing! And the sentiments too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. I’d like a black and white bunny. when I was little my grandma got me a black and white bunny – it ended up living with her. It had the run of the house and was a great pet (for her and for me when I visited).

  17. I love fairy.My friend could be gadfly .We could fly together and collect pollen.

  18. These are all so lovely!! Cant wait for Spring now!!

  19. Love this stamp!! So cute! If I were a fairy my sidekick would be a turtle, so I could hide in his shell if we were under attack! Lol:) tfs!

  20. Sooo adorable! If I was a fairy and could choose one sidekick, I would choose a bear. I love watching bears in real life because despite their wild nature, they are actually quite comical, goofy and fun.

  21. I love your creativity!!! Your stamps are so AWESOME!!! I would choose a squirrel as my sidekick… They are so “nutty”!!!

  22. Great images. My sidekick would be a deer. There are some in the woods behind my house and when they come up to the deck to eat, they are so majestic looking. (even the young ones)

  23. Fun new fairy! hmmm…a sidekick, huh? I love animals so much not sure I could choose just one…hmmm…not sure it’s an animal but a butterfly or a hummingbird I think.

  24. And i would totally have a funky pink owl as a sidekick 🙂

  25. Oh so cute!! My critter would have to be my little dog Russell as he is already my sidekick in everything 😀 xxx

  26. Wow…really love him, so cute and love his little furry friend!!

    1. Forgot to answer ? I would love an otter…I think they are the cutest little furry things EVER!! 😀

  27. If I were a fairy a fluffy chicken’d be an awesome sidekick for sure, because a fluffly chicken it’s a unique and precious creatur and we could be adorably weird together!

  28. Super cute new stamps and i totally love the chipmunk! So much that he would have to be my sidekick….we could chatter away together!

  29. Adorbs!!!! Hmmm…my critter sidekick would be my English Bulldog! I may not be a fairy, but she’s pretty much my loyal sidekick anyway! LOL!

  30. So cute!
    I think my sidekick critter would be…. raccoon 🙂
    Would LOVE to win 🙂

  31. Loving the cards, and a boy fairy is something I really need!

    My critter sidekick would probably be a raccoon. They’re clever, playful and just a little bit sneaky.

  32. love boy stamps always!! They are great 🙂 I love the star on his wing! And the sentiments too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. I would have to be a big fairy but I would pick a tiger!

  34. Adorable! I love the chipmunk 🙂
    My sidekick would be a turtle, because I simply love them.
    Jani x

  35. What a cute guy!!
    My sidekick would be a lovely rat!
    I can’t pick anything else as I’m the ratlady 😉

  36. omagoodness, how stinkin cute is he? Love him and all the cards! Awesome!

  37. Oooowwww, he’s sweet! Absolutely adorable!
    My cat of course… he has already angelwings, so if I were a fairy, I’d love to have him fly by my side.. <3

  38. I have spent two days trying to come up with an animal counter part, I suppose a cat or a fox. Maybe a honey badger…but I nicer one… 😉 I love this stamp! I can’t wait to buy one! (when is pay day?)

  39. Too cute, as always… I’d love my critter to be a flying fox possum (the Australian Sugar Gliders!) as they are so freaking cute!

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