1. Thanks for the great ideas! It’s like a whole new world of possibilities! 🙂

  2. Awesome ideas!

  3. Great tutorial, Suzanne. I especially love the fox card at the end. I enjoyed looking for the changes you made in each panel!

    Miss seeing your smiling face and hope all is well in your world!

  4. This is so beyond cool!! Thanks for the tute, and cutest little critters ever!

  5. Thank you for this tutorial on masking! So many different things can be done using masking so I just need to figure them all out 😉 So this tutorial helps sooo much! Thank you!!

  6. Suzanne, you make it look so essy!!

  7. Super cool, I have done masking before but this is totally new..must try it! Thanks for sharing,
    Hugs Blankina

  8. Great tutorial. Love this technique il have to try it.

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