The HIPSTERS are HERE! New clear stamps – comment to win!


  1. totally awesome projects ladies!!!
    hipster kody is just such an awesome set. soooo versatile

  2. Awesome creations by the DT! Love this stamp set! Hipster Kody is definitely a musician. Can’t you just picture him at the coffee shop singing “Smelly Cat”?! LOL!

  3. I think this dude is a fashion/style blogger for some super trendy male magazine (not the naked kind! The glossy, artsy ones with extremely expensive, yet relaxed, suits on the cover). Or he might work as a copy writer or graphic designer for some trendy young ad agency.

    Great set in this release! I think I have go browse the shop… 🙂

  4. Love all of the amazing creations from the DT! Hipster Kody is sooo very handsome. I think Hipster Kody is a combination of all of them. I see him as a poet, an artist, and a musician. Hipster Kody is a man who won’t be contained to just one thing, he is a free spirit 🙂

  5. I think Hipster Kody is either an artist or pretending to be one LOL. Love how Kristy has paired him with some awesome attributes and sentiments. Great work from the DT.

  6. I just LOVE these stamps and all the Odd Girl creations!!! I love how quickly that card in the video came together.

    I think Hipster Kody is an actor. I can just picture him ducking to hide from the paparazzi! That hat n scarf sure will come in handy!

  7. He is definitely a cutie!! I’d say he’s an artist- he just has that ‘look’ about him! LOL

  8. great projects from the DT, hipster Kody looks sooo kool. I think hes a poet. love the sentiments that go with the image.

  9. Hipster Kody is fabbby and such fantastic creation from the DT xxx

  10. I think he is to hip to be confined by just one occupation.

  11. very cool stamp

  12. So awesome!!
    Personally I think Kody is a musician, a poet, an artist and MORE!! 😀

  13. Such a fun stamp….honestly, I could see Hipster Kody as all three, or a photog! I could def see him with a camera strapped to him!

  14. Love him!!! I think he’s a gigolo :). Looking for his cougar soulmate to support him 😉

  15. Beautiful cards. I think he looks like an artist but he also looks like my brother-in-law so he must be in to all things literary too 🙂

  16. I think he’s a computer geek. He is cute and changes his style very easily. Love the sentiments.

  17. Love Hipster Kody, he looks like a musician!!!
    Love DT cards, awesome inspiration!!!

  18. Love this guy!

  19. Since all three choices fall into the artist category, I’m going to say artist!! Love the new sets 🙂

  20. He is cool and a musician for sure xD

  21. I’m hoping he’s an artist, a latte artist, who can make me a coffee where ever we go 😉

  22. I see hipster Kody as a combination of artist, actor, and musician. A very creative and busy soul, who is confident and friendly within his friend circle.

  23. Oh, totally a musician. Maybe a worship leader even. Looks like someone I know, actually.

  24. Awesome creations from the dt!! I love this Kody and totally think he’s a poet or writer of some kind who loves to hang at Barnes and Noble with a latte lol.

  25. Hipster Kody is a blast from the past. He lives now but is definitely a guy who wont conform to to-days world.

    Love the creations from the Fab Oddies as well 🙂

  26. Awesome creations DT! Hipster Kody is a creative genius who can do no wrong as a poet, artist, musician and more. Great new stamp set!

  27. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my brother in clear lol how awesome would it be to make his birthday card this year with this pic of him on it lol!

    Great release Kristy and remember…….

    YOLO!!!! X

    Emma (metalicbutterfly)
  28. I think hipster Kody is a musician, but there is no way he would be caught dead with a guitar – definitely too common. It would have to be some folk instrument from some long gone tribe

  29. Kody is a poli-sci major! HA! Not a musician, at least not any musician I ever was in school with…musicians are much nerdier. Take it from a musician!

  30. Hipster Kody is definitely an artist in my book!

  31. He looks like a psycologist!!! 😉
    This stamps set is awesome!!!
    Hugs, Laila

  32. he would be my new craftfriend
    he is sooo cool

  33. I think Hipster Kody is an artist. He is just too hip

  34. Everyone did such an amazing job with him He is so cute I think he’s a comic book artist for sure 🙂 thank you for the chance hugs Nikki

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