Meet Mr. Octopus, its Clear Stamp Release week!

Meet Mr. Octopus, its Clear Stamp Release week!

Good morning and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to kick the new week off with fun and fabulosity!  Today is the last day for you to comment on our Blog Hop with Freckled Fawn, so HURRY!  Get in on that action and you could win one of two big prizes from Some Odd Girl and Freckled Fawn!

So as if that weren’t exciting enough, it’s NEW RELEASE DAY and we’ve got some ridiculously fun clear stamp sets available NOW at Some Odd Girl.  And with new releases come MORE chances to win stuff!  Each of the new sets can be won by leaving comments on the reveal posts, but be sure to read the specifics below, because I like to mix things up and keep you on your toes!

Right-o.  Let’s get this party started!

Introducing…..  Mr. Octopus! 
(He’s a Mister because he’s VERY distinguished, you see.  He may very well be BRITISH)


Our Odd Girls have rocked the house down, seriously.  I love how they’ve colored him differently, and how they’ve incorporated the sentiment and accessory stamps from the set.  Check them out!


SOG clear release MAY Mr Octopus


 Linda using Mr Octopus and Orange Bamboo Twine

mr octopus


Mary Pat 









Anna Sigga

Mr Octopus

Mr Octopus-cl2






Mr. Octopus Clear Release



Mr.Octopus tutorial

Paola’s got something to show you!  Do you love the background of her card?
OOOOHHH, we’re loving techniques at Some Odd Girl!  Let’s check this out, shall we?

What do you think?  🙂

Would you love to win Mr. Octopus?

Leave a comment below by Wednesday at midnight Eastern and tell me…

If you had 8 legs and could multitask, what do you think
would be the coolest thing to do to show off your mad skillz?

And we, dear Oddies, shall return tomorrow to show off another new stamp set
(which is already available in the shop – click here to check out all the new goodies!)


  1. Change 8 (Well, ok, maybe 4. Each usually requires two hands) babies’ diapers at once! Maybe not “cool” unless you’re a parent… 🙂

    Mr. O rocks! Hope I win!

  2. So fun, love the beachy theme and the octopus is awesome!! Great projects ladies! 🙂

  3. Mr. Octopus is so cool and cute. I can already think of so many different types of cards I could use him for, very cool stamp. He might very well be my favorite of all your stamps!

    Solo synchronised swimming perhaps? 🙂

  4. He is so awesome! Oh wow what I could do with all those hands! I could clean my house, make some fabulous scrapbooks and cards, as well as paint and remodel my house 🙂 I can think of a ton more I would do, lol!

  5. So much variety!!! <3 each card! I know I needs to do a little shopping, I need a Mr. Octopus of my very own!

  6. Very cute! If I had 8 hands I could cook, clean and rock my baby at the same time! lol! Would definitely save me time so I could do more crafty things! 🙂

  7. Really cute design. If
    I had 8 legs, I would
    be sewing, stamping,
    die cutting, doodling,
    embossing, blogging,
    spraying mist, and
    eating chocolate while
    watching tv!
    Carla from Utah

  8. Oh my I would get soo much done with 8 arms/legs!!!! Cleaning, cooking, scrapping & playing with my little one all at once!!!!! Not to mention that my little one’s fav animal is an octopuss!!!!

  9. Holy heck I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I have a fascination with these creatures and it’s so cool to see them represented in a stamp set! And hello?!? An addrd awesome touch of a mustache and monocle?!? Swooning over here! Love that anchor and sentiments too! This screams me and the DT did an awesome job showcasing the possibilities. THANK YOU for all this awesomeness!

  10. Love his mustache.
    I’d be in the kitchen cooking, reading a book, drinking a Pepsi, and talking on the telephone. That would be 2 legs for each activity.

  11. Oh goodness! This octopus is everything I could ever want!! I mean what creature isn’t more awesome with a top hat, monocle, and mustache?! Oh goodness… sometimes I already feel like an octopus at times because I do so many things at once… I guess to show off my mad skills I would cook and craft while checking emails… wait I already do that haha but I could do it all in the same location with all those arms 😀

  12. I would be cooking and doing laundry and of course crafting!!! leaves 2 arms/legs for hugs and popping a choc or two. heehee

  13. He is so cute! I can imagine Mr Octopus says “I say!” a LOT. And perhaps snuffles indignantly a bit, not unlike Disney’s Colonel Hathi in The Jungle Book! Love him! If I had 8 hands… well there’d be no excuse for inky fingers on my work! I think I’d have one to eat my fave chips so the salt doesn’t get on my work and one for a cup of tea, one hand for inking, one for cleaning stamps, one for colouring, one devoted to holding my work STILL, and a couple in reserve so that could switch to a fresh hand to solve inky, wet, crumb-y problems in my workspace! 😀

  14. I’d colour with half my legs, and then with the other half, make them into cards 😉

  15. If I had 8 legs I would be able to get some housework done instead of cardmaking all day.

  16. I. NEED. THIS. STAMP! How quickly I’d be able to color an image if I could use 8 copics at once!! WOOOO!!!

  17. He is so fun! I love the sentiments too! I’d be holding a Copic in each hand if I had 8 arms! Forget the housework, I could get so much more coloring done!! 🙂

  18. He’s such an interesting gent, definitely English, I’d say! I shall name him when he joins my Odd family. DT samples are fantastic. If I had 8 arms, I’d use 6 of them for a crafty assembly line (stamp, colour, cut, etc.) keeping the last two for cuppas and choccy. I’d be one happy octomum. 🙂

  19. I think it would be cool to be writing something different with all 8 hands at the same time. Of course I have 2 hands now and can only write with one of them at a time. Or if I could do some really advanced juggling routine with all 8 arms that would be impressive.

  20. Hmmm… a couple of things that come to mind (with hubby’s help) are play the piano and write on the white board while teaching. Imagine the music you could play! And a long math problem wouldn’t take long at all to write up. (Yep I married a nerd!) Love everyone’s projects! 🙂

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