shopping for SCHOOL SUPPLIES! new clear stamps – comment to win!


  1. It sounds funny, but I didn’t really have much of a back-to-school shopping experience. I grew up in Jamaica where all students wear a uniform so there was no shopping for clothing. My school had a book rental program and my grandmother sent school supplies from New York. Back to school for me meant standing still while my mom measured me for the new uniforms she made; and she definitely made that experience fun…

  2. I love the smell of new school supplies, like the crayons and papers. I especially love putting my name on every items of supplies.

  3. The projects are stunning. Love this new set.

    Shopping for a new dairy with matching notebooks and wrapping paper to wrap my schoolbooks with, is what I liked best.


  4. This is such a fun set! My favorite part of school shopping was the supplies….I didn’t always get new clothes because there were lots of hand me downs to be had, but I always got new supplies and it was so fun to choose notebooks and folders and binders.

  5. I love all the DT projects, so inspiring and creative! I especially love the mini notebook that matches the card and the adorable homework sign. the coloring is just stunning on all of them! My favorite back to school shopping experience was the early bird sales on tax free weekend, it always feels like christmas time with the crowds and deals and excitement of the hunt for sales!

    1. omg I think I may cry, I was just informed that the state we moved to doesn’t have a tax free weekend now I don’t get to share the experience with my daughters this year :'(

  6. Ahhhh….the smell of fresh crayons!!!! My favorite!! Remember PeeChee folders??

  7. Love this set, they are so cute! I love to shop for all the stationary for school. ^_^

  8. Fantastic designs by everyone! Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy school shopping as a kid, because we were on the low income type of shopping. But now, I love school shopping with my daughter. I home school her so I love that we can buy bright markers, fluffy pens, pink paper, jeans with holes in the knees and shirts that say funny things 🙂

  9. I enjoyed getting some
    new clothes and looking
    at all the choices!
    Carla from Utah

  10. my favorite part in elementary school was getting new markers/pens/pencils and a book bag… my favorite part in high school, college, and now is getting a new planner!

  11. The only time I really got shop for new clothes was for back to school, so I always looked forward to it. I looks forward to the school supplies the most. There’s nothing better than the smell of new crayons. They really should bottle and sell it as air freshener. LOL! I still enjoy getting them with my kids…maybe even more than they do. 😉

  12. Back to school shopping was my best chance for clothes shopping thru the year and I loved getting to pick stuff out. This stamp set is so freaking cute and those little faces are perfect!

  13. My favorite part of back to school shopping was new notebooks and pens, markers and highlighters, and then clothes, but I was definitely more into the paper and stuff.

  14. I love this new stamp set it’s so cute, my favourite thing about school besides art class was shopping for new supplies, I especially loved choosing out new markers and coloured pencils and cute erasers

  15. Picking out folders (anyone remember Lisa Frank?!) & colored pens/pencils 🙂

  16. These would work great for the layouts I have been working on. Figure since two of my kids are graduated one in Sr. High other Jr. High better get their school albums on the go 🙂

  17. Cute set! Definitely my fav was picking out new folders – mostly of the Lisa Frank variety 🙂

  18. It definitely wasn’t clothes. lol For me (and still true now) is all the shiny and brightly coloured pens and pencils. I feel like you can never have enough of those. xx

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