Melissa’s Chore Chart Tutorial

Melissa’s Chore Chart Tutorial

Hey Oddies!

Melissa here today to show you how to make an easy and inexpensive chore chart for the little folks.

My kiddos seem to say one sentence automatically to anything said to them about chores, “I lost my list”.  So being the mean old mom that I am, I decided to make them a specific place I could put their chore lists so they will always be able to find them – no more ‘lost lists’.   This is fun to create, and it will look adorable on your pantry door or wherever you decide to hang it.

cork 17_edited-1

Let’s start with the supplies you will need:  a 12×12 lightweight piece of cork board, Mod Podge, painter’s tape, acrylic pant, paint brush, Some Odd Girl images, ribbon, stapler, letter stickers, clothespins.  Obviously you can size your cork board to whatever size you prefer, especially if you use one without a built-in frame.  

To start, grab your painter’s tape and cork board and create your pattern.  I kept the pattern small so the lists would be easily seen.

Cork 2_edited-1

Then I mixed white acrylic paint (but you can use whatever color you prefer) with water to make a very wet wash mixture and carefully painted it on.  

cork 1_edited-1


Cork 3_edited-1  

After it was dry I peeled off all the tape. 

Cork 4_edited-1

Next I added my letter stickers.  I used white to keep with the white checked background theme.

Cork 7_edited-1

cork 8_edited-1

I had already decided which Some Odd Girl images I was going to use and I worked with digis since they are easy to size.   I used Heartsy Mae, Suave Kody, and Pouting Tobie (this is so my youngest).  I wanted them to be large enough to totally hide the clothespin and with a digi that is easy to do.  Once I had them colored up, I coated them with Mod Podge to make them more durable.  When dry, I cut them out then used used Mod Podge to coat one side of the clothespin so I could adhere my SOG colored images on them. 

Combo 3

Here they are waiting to dry.

cork 15_edited-1

Now it’s time for ribbon.  You will want to pay attention to where you put your ribbon and be sure if you create a header, like the word chores on mine, that your Some Odd Girl characters won’t interfere with reading the header.  Pull the ribbon tight, but with a little give for your clothespins to clip on.  I took the ribbon around the edge to the back of the cork board and stapled it on.  I stapled it twice, once from the front side, and once from the back side – extra sturdy that way.

cork 9_edited-1


cork 10_edited-1

Once finished with the ribbon I added my clothespins. I also added some star embellishments and decided I wanted something fun for the bottom corner.  Since we are big animal lovers here I added SOG stamp Hedgey.  If you use light weight cork board you could easily add magnets to the back and hang it on your refrigerator or pin it to a bulletin board you already have on the wall.  Heck, I may just make one for my hubby to help him remember what his chores are!

cork 20_edited-1

What do you think of the finished project?  What a fun way to get those little ones inspired (kind of) to get things done and mark their progress, right?  We’d love to see your creations, if you decide to make a chore chart of your own, and you can share ALL of your August Some Odd Girl projects in the Linky Party in the right side bar…  You’d love to win some free digis, right? 

Happy Wednesday, and happy Crafting!


  1. This is awesome! I don’t have kids but this would be perfect for my DT lists/calendar 🙂

  2. Totally awesome!!
    Doing chores is gonna be fun at your house, Melissa!!
    (Not sure your kids are gonna agree with this… LOL) 🙂

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