A VERY special Pin of the Week and today’s Spotlight!

A VERY special Pin of the Week and today’s Spotlight!

Howdy, Oddies!

Whatch’all up to, this fine and dandy Friday?  Gettin’ yer craft on this weekend?  Maybe catching some rays at the beach?  Spending time with the kidlets helping them with their homework?  Catching a good movie?  (I’ve heard good things about Guardians of The Galaxy!)

Whatever you’re up to, take a moment to check out these awesome projects linked up on our Oddies’ Pin Board and in our August Linky Party (in the right sidebar!)…  Both are inspiring and innovative, and we give you crafters major kudos for thinking outside of the box!

First, congrats to our Pin of the Week!  This card made me gasp aloud when I saw it, and I just think the sentiment is lovely and perfect.  The paper piecing on our Grands digi stamps is pretty awesome (and the mustache!), BUT OH MY GOODNESS, those wings.

pin charity

Charity, thank you SO MUCH for sharing this amazing project with us.  I can’t possibly gush enough about how much I absolutely love it, and I’m sure our Odd friends here will agree.

Next up, this whopper of a funny one, featuring the oh-so-cute and irresistible Pouting Tobie digi stamp…  How about THIS for a message to a grown man?!

cathie spotlight

I literally know a DOZEN men for whom this card would be absolutely perfect!  Cathie, thanks for linking up to our August party, and we hope your husband appreciates that you made him a card at all!  (I also hope you get a laugh out of him!)  Congratulations on earning this spotlight!

Ladies, thanks so much for helping us spread the Some Odd Girl love around the world and in our various corners of the internet.  We love seeing what people are doing with our stamps, and these are some utterly brilliant ideas you’ve shared!   Please email me at Leah@someoddgirl.com and I’ll send your digi codes so you can do a little shopping!

Have a great weekend, folks!  Check our Facebook community for some awesome sneak peeks, and be sure to watch for the next newsletter coming soon – we’re going to have some BIG, BIG news to announce (I’m not telling when, you just have to watch for it!), and you’ll want to be a subscriber so you can get the first scoop!  See you Monday!


  1. Fun spotlight post!

    And indeed … gasp…for that first card!! Heartbreaking but beautiful …

  2. Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! This means the world to me! Congratulations to Cathie as well! Super adorable card! I know I could use a few of these cards, lol! I love the color combination and the stripes too! Awesome card Cathie!

  3. WOW, these both are fantastic!! Love all the SOG Pins!

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