Some Odd Friends Frame

Some Odd Friends Frame

Hi there Oddlets!

Linda here with a fun home decor frame project to share with you.

My daughter (who is 6) is always watching me color and loves to comment on the people I color in (which I do a lot of being on this Design Team!).  She loves discussing what they’re doing or imagining what they might be like if they were real people (such an imagination!) so I thought it’d be fun to create a little frame for her bedside table.

I asked her to pick a couple of her favorite Some Odd Girl images, and she chose Photo Kaylee,  the new Sweater Kaylee, Hipster Kody, Sunny Mae and a lil’ furry sidekick from Hipster Pets.

I stamped them all onto some X-press It cardstock, masking off as I went, so I could overlap them a little, and then colored in with Copic markers.

I left the rest of the frame simple and white so the images would stand out more.

To ensure that the people all looked cohesive, I duplicated colors across their pieces of clothing, as you can see here:


The blue that is in Sunny Mae‘s dress is the same as Photo Kaylee’s skirt and shoes, as well as Sweater Kaylee‘s sweater. The greens in Hipster Kody’s bag, t-shirt and slouchy hat are the same as Sweater Kaylee‘s leggings and boots (with an added darker color), etc.

I tried to give them all different skin tones. I tried adding a very pale yellow to Photo Kaylee‘s skin, to give her an Asian appearance, Sweater Kaylee is supposed to look Eastern-European (or maybe even Polish–dark hair, pale skin), Kody has (my attempt at) an Indian or Sri Lankan skin tone, and Sunny Mae is Irish 🙂  Obviously they could all be from different areas, but I always like to imagine where they’re from as I color them in. Am I the only one who does that?

Well that’s it for me, this frame only took me about an hour to color in, such a fun way to make something custom and fun for the kids!

I’d better run now, I have to make another frame of Some Odd Girl friends for my other daughter’s bedside table 🙂

Don’t forget to share your September Some Odd Girl creations in our Linky Party in the top right side bar for your chance to be spotlighted here on our blog, and to win a free digi!  See you again soon!

Linda x



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