Mood Board inspiration for Digi Me Contest!

Mood Board inspiration for Digi Me Contest!

The Digi Me contest Mood Board submissions are BLOWING. MY. MIND.


Leah here, and holy COW, you guys are so creative and spunky!

Okay, so you all know we have this contest going on…

digi me contest fb


The action can be found HERE, but remember, you have multiple ways to enter!   Whether you’re using Facebook, your blog, Pinterest or Instagram, you can add links directly to the contest post.  And you can enter up to three times via each channel! 

We had some questions in the beginning, and we showed you how to create a “Mood Board” for the contest using our Odd Girls’ examples for inspiration.  Well TODAY, I’m sharing some of YOUR ideas in hopes of inspiring others to play along.  Hey, there are FOUR $20 spending sprees at the Some Odd Girl store up for grabs, and those four winners will get Mini Guest Spots as their digis are revealed!  Show us whatcha got, Oddies!

In an effort to kick-start your design mojo, here are some Mood Board submissions that have been substantially rocked, and that show different styles in presentation…  Ready?  GO!

digi me mood board kat

Kat’s Mood Board gives us a whole collage of things that can be included in the design of the digi, featuring our girl Mae as a Egyptian Goddess!  The kitty is, of course, a crucial part of the final design.  Love this idea, and can you imagine all the gorgeous GOLD you could put on that card?!


digi me mood board sara

Sara shared an aquatic themed Mood Board, featuring Mae in snorkel gear!  She used pictures of the things to incorporate into her design and put them together in a simple layout.  Clearly stated, and easy as pie!  I don’t know if I’d be getting that close to Mr. Turtle though!  EEP!

And my last example for today…

digi me mood board mari

Quite obvious what Mari’s trying to convey here!  Imagine our sweet little Tia getting dirty and muddy and donning the tomboy duds!  Who says girls can’t play with trucks?  I love the presentation here, with a few simple pictures and a seriously cute outfit that I’d wear myself.

What do you think?  There are so many ways you can put together your very own Mood Board in hopes of having your design chosen for Some Odd Girl‘s next digi stamp!

CLICK HERE for the rules, put your ideas together, and be sure to use the #DigiMeContest and #SomeOddGirl hashtags so we find you!  Our contest runs through October 23rd


We’ll be back tomorrow with an awesome tutorial from our Odd Girl Anna, showing off the technique she used on her cards for our Cat Lady Kaylee and Walk the Dog Piper clear stamp releases this week.  I hope you’ll join us!



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