White coloring and a Sorbet Yeti!

White coloring and a Sorbet Yeti!

Welcome back, Oddies!

It’s been an exciting week so far, and your Digi Me submissions have been SO fabulous!  Keep ’em comin’!  Leah here, and I’m practically squealing each time a new one gets posted.  You crafty folks have some AMAZING ideas, and they’re going to make some seriously awesome new digis!  CLICK HERE to check out the Digi Me contest (and remember, you can enter in 4 different channels)!

Right now, we have some Sunshine Sorbet Yeti inspiration for you today, with a little video to accompany!  Yesterday I talked about adding depth with light color without making it too bold, but still giving some nice contrast.  Today, Katie Perry has a video that shows some great white coloring with our Yeti clear stamp set!  He COULD just remain uncolored, but look at the effect…

yeti sorbet

Don’t the warm greys add wonderful softness and make you just want to reach out and PET THE YETI?  It’s just the right amount of contrast to prevent him from looking flat and unsnugglable.  🙂

Here’s Katie Perry, rocking out the white coloring on the Some Odd Girl YouTube channel:

Love it!  And all papers used are from the Sunshine Sorbet collection!  This style will work with TONS of color combinations if you want him to be, for example, a cotton candy Yeti, or a Sasquatch…  It doesn’t have to be white coloring – it can be pale pink, or light aqua, or yellow or green…  Yeti loves all the colors in your toolbox!

Our Odd Girls have tried several different combinations on him
(click here to see!) and, quite frankly, all were appropriately rocked. 

Hey, tomorrow is Spotlight and Pin of the Week day!  Have you linked up in the top right sidebar?  It’s only October 2nd, but it’s not too early to share your October Some Odd Girl projects!  Can’t be spotlighted and can’t win a free digi if you don’t link – just sayin’…  See you tomorrow!

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