Foil frame tutorial from Judy!

Foil frame tutorial from Judy!

Hello Oddies, you’ve got Judy here with you today and I am so excited to share a fun project using our newest clear release stamps, Wink Mae and Garden Gwen.  This project features the frames that come in both sets and shows you how to use them on something other than paper.  We’re going to create a foil frame!

You will need craft metal foil that is made for embossing and tooling.  It’s stronger than the aluminum foil you find in your kitchen, but not as thick as metal sheets, so it bends and cuts easily, so your foil frame will be sturdy but easy to make.  The foil normally comes in rolls.  DSC_0009

Cut a piece that’s an easy size to work with. Stamp on to the foil using StazOn ink (it’s alcohol-based so it’s permanent).  You need to let it dry completely or heat set it.  Some ink may rub off when you are working on it, so work on a soft surface.


Fussy cut the foil frame out.  This is probably the hardest part because it’s hard to get in the center.  I suggest punching through the center with your scissors, cut an X, then cut to the stamped edge. 

Tip – It’s easier to cut the hole out first, then cut around the outside!


You can use your foil frame as is, all nice and flat, or add some dimension to your frame.  To do that, we will start working on the back side of the frame.  With a stylus tool or rub on tool, press and rub the back until the foil starts to curve in and the edges round upward.  The soft surface is helpful for this step because it has some give to it and will allow you to press in without damaging the foil.



Now you should have a nice curve on your foil frame that gives it more of a dimensional look.  The more you press and rub, the deeper the curve will be.


Cute, huh?!?  Try foil that comes in colors or foil that has a gold/brass look too.


Tip – using foam tape to attach your little frame helps it maintain its curved shape. 

If you try this with your frames, let us know how they turn out.  Make sure you post them to this month’s Linky Party (right sidebar!).  We love to see your projects and you can inspire a fellow crafter – and who knows, you could even be featured on the blog!

See you tomorrow when we share our Pin of the Week (have you pinned to our Oddies’ Project Board yet?), and our Spotlight (you have to join our Linky Party, and you can win a free digi if you’re spotlighted!)…  In the meantime, there’s also a brand new challenge going on in our Facebook community – CLICK HERE to check it out!




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