Fun with Hexie Dots!

Fun with Hexie Dots!

Hi, Oddies!  Suzanne here with a tutorial to customize Some Odd Girl Stamps’ Hexie Dots for your next crafting project!  One my favorite things  about crafting is altering embellishments to match whatever project I’m working on, and Hexie Dots are more versatile than you may realize!


Although Hexie Dots are fabulous in their natural state, I’ve come up with a few ways to alter them:




Before I show you my simple process for altering Hexie Dots with embossing powder, I have a few tips to share with you based on my experience trying different methods of altering wood veneers like these!

When I stamp on wood veneer shapes, I get a crisper impression if I use a solvent/permanent ink.  Pigment and dye inks bleed into the wood, and the image isn’t as clear.  TIP: to help prevent any stains on your stamps, clean the solvent ink off right after stamping.

So, “wood” you like to know how I heat emboss Hexie Dots?  For this project, grab your Hexie Dots, heat tool and the following:




First, press the Hexie Dot into the watermark ink, making sure that it’s fully covered.  Then you can either drop the Hexie Dot into the embossing powder or shake embossing powder over the side that you inked.  You can then use the tweezers to remove the Hexie Dot from the powder.

When I first tried this, I used tweezers to hold the wood shape while I heated the powder, but they didn’t always hold it in place (I had several pop off while I was using my heat tool!), so I came up with a super-easy alternative: I stuck an adhesive dot on the end of a pencil, then stuck the Hexie Dot on top of it.  You may also find that this is an easier way to add powder to the inked side.



You don’t have to use watermark ink to make these.  I’ve had similar success when I applied dye ink to wood veneer shapes, then embossed over the ink with clear glittery powder.

After heat embossing, you can combine multiple shapes to make something larger, like the wreath on this tag. I arranged six embossed Hexie Dots to make the wreath, then added sequins to embellish it and stamped my sentiment (from the HoliDeer clear stamp set).



Here’s another look at the finished wreath tag, and a “Yeti” tag, which uses the “snowball” that I created by applying Liquid Applique.  It works like a puff paint, so to make the effect, just apply it to the wood veneer, then puff it up with your heat tool, careful not to overheat.  (Sentiment is from the Winter Friends clear stamp set)




Fun, right?  I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today, and I hope it inspires you to get creative with your Hexie Dots!  I’d love to hear about and see your techniques for altering them!

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  1. Super fun, Suzanne!
    The only thing I already did, was color my hexie dots with Gelatos but these techniques are fab!! Thanks for sharing!

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