RAWR Matchbook Yeti

RAWR Matchbook Yeti

Rawr Matchbook Yeti Tutorial

Hello, hello!  Tabbatha here today with a super cute (if you don’t mind if I say so myself) matchbook notebook using the incredible YETI clear stamp set!

Since it is the Holiday Season, I wanted to create something special and really easy.  Of course I wanted to use the fabulous wintry stamp called Yeti!  (I also added in some accents from the Sweater Kaylee clear stamp set) I came up with the idea for a cute matchbox notebook that I could use at work… or just stare at lovingly.  🙂


Considering Christmas is just 10 days away (OMG!!) I wanted to make sure that I shared with you all how I created this little notebook.  Maybe we’ll see an army of Yeti notebooks?  😉

The tutorial

For this matchbook notebook you’ll need the following:
— 3.25″ x 7.5″ cardstock
— 3″ x 3″ designer paper for the cover
— 3.25″ x 3″ designer paper for the back cover
— 0.5″ x 3″ designer paper for the front panel
— 3.25″ x 3″ double sided 80g paper for notepads (6-8 pieces)
Yeti clear stamp set
— Washi tape (as a closure)

Color up the Yeti how you will, I choose to color him up with my Copics in blues and purples – perfect for winter, right?  🙂 It goes easiest if you prep the notebook by coloring up what elements you would like on it, cut the papers and get your supplies all ready.

Step 1. Score the 3.25″ x 7.5″ cardstock at 3/4″ (0.75″), 4″ and 4.25″.

Rawr Matchbook Yeti Tutorial 1

Step 2. Stamp and sort the 80g notepaper.  Using some glue or strong double sided tape, adhere the pages as close to the 0.75″ score.  I knew I wanted to use the washi tape to close the notebook instead of the traditional matchbook style, so I taped the top most page as well. If you want to keep the traditional matchbook style then adhere only the lower 0.25″ of the front panel.

Rawr Matchbook Yeti Tutorial 2

Rawr Matchbook Yeti Tutorial 3

Step 3. To finish off the notebook, first tape down the washi tape (if you chose this route) on the front cover and then adhere the pre-decorated front cover.  Adhere the back cover as well.

Rawr Matchbook Yeti Tutorial 4


 Step 4. Sit back and just hold the little notebook in your hand. 😀 He is just so cute!

  Rawr Matchbook Yeti Tutorial

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