Kody’s friend, Geeky Gwen!

Kody’s friend, Geeky Gwen!

So as some of you may know, Nerds tend to stick together.  🙂 

Sure, different types of people are attracted to one another for different reasons, but when nerds get together, LOOK OUT!  Let your brainy flags fly, Kody and Gwen!

Leah here, and today I’m introducing you to one super awesome chick who’s quite content in her skin.  She’s smart, sassy, confident, and very, very geeky. 

Meet Geeky Gwen!


Is she not fab?!  I can see those accent stamps being used for scrapbooking, in your daily planners, and on their own little cards!  Take a look at our Odd Girls’ creations…

Anna Sigga (using Sunshine Sorbet papers and Sorbet Sequins

Geeky Gwen

 Judy (Sunshine Sorbet paper)


(decorated notebook)

SOG clear release MARCH 2015 Geeky Gwen


Mary Pat  (also with the Sunshine Sorbet paper!)



Suzanne (also used Hexie Dots and Orange Bamboo Twine)




Geeky Gwen Release



linda nerdy gwen

Some geek chic cards the Odd Girls made, am I right?!

Annnnnnd, Katie has a video with Geeky Gwen to show how to take the stamps off the card and onto your washi…


And there you have it!

Clearly Some Odd Girl loves all kinds – hipsters, artists, tomboys, girlie girls, punks, geeks and nerds alike.  Do you fall under one of these categories?  I’d say we’re probably all artists in our own right, but in the end, it’s all one big happy Odd World here, and we’re glad you’re part of it! 

We hope you like this clear release, and you can be sure that Nerdy Kody and Geeky Gwen will be popping up all over the internet.  Drop by our Facebook Community and check out our Oddies’ Project Board on Pinterest to see creations from Oddies around the world! 

And visit us tomorrow, here and in the Facebook Community, when The Odd Girl herself, Kristy, launches our very first monthly coloring tutorial series!  (Don’t worry, we’ll have a catchy name for it soon enough!)


  1. I love the two new stamp sets and what eveyone is doing with them!

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