What makes you ODD?

What makes you ODD?

Hello Oddies!

Welcome back to another Monday…  Leah joining you this morning, and we hope you had an amazing weekend full of crafty fun and relaxation.  For many people, Monday means back to work, and the daily grind, and waking up earlier than they’d like…  Others who enjoy their jobs (like me) welcome the distraction from life at home and stepping away from the chaos into a world where things are assigned, carefully laid out, and predictable. 

Either way, it means back to the bloggy fun for the week at Some Odd Girl, and I have a question for you all today…

What makes you ODD?!

question mark

Now, by “ODD”, I could mean “strange” or “quirky”, maybe with a “different” sense of style…


Or perhaps you like to COLLECT unusual things…


Or perhaps you have a slightly odd hobby or talent…


Or I could mean your affinity for Some Odd Girl stamps!   Maybe it’s the big eyes/heads and exaggerated legs/feet? 

punk kaylee

Maybe the variety of personalities, hairstyles, outfits?

k closet

Maybe you share our love for puns and can’t get enough of the sentiments?

leah SOG PI

Or maybe it’s just something, and you can’t quite put your finger on it?

Either way, I want to know what you think makes you ODD!  Share your comment below and next Monday, I’ll have an ODD little surprise for one random commenter!

Why not swing by our Facebook community to see what the other Oddies are up to?  Lots of gorgeous creations featuring our Some Odd Girl stamps, chit-chat about random (and maybe a little ODD!) things, and loads of inspiration!  Perhaps even a little distraction from your busy day.  It may be Monday, but we’re gonna make it great!


  1. I am odd because I fall in love with SOG stamps! 😀

  2. In my oppinion everybody is a little bit odd, some just like to hide it!!!!
    I love Some Odd Girl stamps because they inspire me.
    Hugs, Laila

  3. I am odd because everything in my closet is separated by colour. OCD maybe???

  4. I am and have always been a bit odd especially when it comes to my sense of humor. I am also a 12 hour night shift worker which highlights my oddness.

  5. Well, if you ask my family, it is my talent to embarrass them as much as possible. I take my job as Mom to drive my kids crazier serious. Or you can say that I am ODD just because I love my ODD stamps. They are fun to color and create with.

  6. I won’t disclose this! hahahaha. Ok, maybe just one…uhm, Some Odd Girl were the first stamps that made me want to sang and dance!

  7. I collect Barbie dolls and have 50
    of them on my walls in my room.
    Then a bunch in another room
    and 30 or more boxed up!
    Carla from Utah

  8. I have always been odd – you know the one who dresses how she wants. I have a quick, sarcastic, quirky personality, and I collect and wear Converse Chucks. I don’t wear them everywhere so I won’t show up at your wedding wearing them…. 😉 and I am obsessed with all things crafty, especially ODD stamps, papers….

  9. I love this post. Hmmmmmm what makes me Odd. I think there are many things that make me odd for example my likes and dislikes. I often felt Odd in H.S. because I was into things that my friends weren’t really into. Then I fell in love with crafting and stamping which is totally ODD compared to many of the people I knew. It was Odd, but interesting. I went on a search for people who were Odd just like me. Some Odd Girl is one place where I felt I belonged. I loved that the images were unique and fun. I was totally inspired by them. My DT term may be over soon, but I’ll always be an ODD GIRL.

  10. I’m odd because I set my alarm for 5am every day – even weekends – so that I can spend at least one hour working on my cards before I have to go to work.

  11. I thnk most people consider being so into paper rafting a little odd. 🙂 I also like video games and geeky movies more than the average girl. People tend to assume that my husband would be the one who’s more into Lord of the Rings and Zelda, but it’s me.

  12. Some things that make me a little ODD is that I would 100% rather stay in and color than go to any non-crafting social functions….Another odd example of me is that I am a closet Walking Dead fan! Shh, still keeping that on the down low…

  13. Im ODD because im being myself..im an emotional person but funny and love to make people smile.. being weird
    burp,fart,jump, taking weird selfies,hahahah..sometimes being a little kid with my sons his little friends

    ooh my ODD thing at the moment is taking a spoon and cup and eat to much whipped cream…and why do i not lose weight,hahahahhah

  14. I’ve been called odd often, when I tell people that I love Formula 1. Most people know before I tell them that I love F1 that my hobbies are needle crafts and paper crafts and than are shocked by the fact I love F1, because they think it’s a match that doesn’t work. I think it works very well, because watching F1 on the TV and crafting is a great combo, maybe odd, but it works really well for me. 🙂


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