Did you know we have a Wishlist?

Did you know we have a Wishlist?

Good morning, Oddies! 

The Odd Girl here with a little update on things coming and going in our shop.  One of the biggest things I love about the new digs is our wishlist.  I can see us doing a Wishlist Contest sometime in the future so I thought this would be a good time to make sure you know how to make your own.

On each product detail page you’ll see a Heart with a number in it…  We’re adding ’60s Mod Mae digi stamp to our Wishlist!


Clicking on that Heart adds that item to your Wishlist.  You can tell if an item is on your list at a glance if the heart is filled in. If it’s just outlined, it’s not – filled in, it is.


It will also up the number inside the heart by 1.  The number tells you how many other people have that item on their wishlist, too.  I think that’s a pretty neat lil’ addition.

To see what’s in your wishlist, make sure you’re logged in, then click My Wishlist at the top of the page near your log in. You can add to your cart or share your wishlist right from there to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via Email


We’re still adding things to the shop (there’s a lot to do to set up every digi) so if you see some feature you’d like added or can’t find a digi you know we have, just email or let us know in our community, and I’ll get on it! 

See you all tomorrow with a SUPER CUTE tute from Melissa, who will show you how to make a fabby little accessory that your critters will love, too!

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