Tutorial – Clean and simple MASKING!

Tutorial – Clean and simple MASKING!

Hiya peeps!  Katie here with you today to show you a quick and easy way to use masking to create a clean and simple card with multiple images from the clear On Safari set!  

When I started stamping, I was way more comfortable using digital images because I was intimidated by clear stamps and didn’t really know how to do many other things with them besides stamping and coloring.  But after seeing some really cool scenes, I figured I’d try my hand at masking, and you know what?  Not as hard as I thought!  So if you’re like I was – a little intimidated by doing techniques with your clear stamps – here’s a simple step-by-step to show you how simple masking can be… I hope you enjoy!

Okay, first things first- grab your supplies!  Luckily this list is mostly things you already have laying around 🙂

April 15 Tutorial 1

Secondly, I like to lay out my stamps with how I’d like the final image to look on my card base – the beauty of clear stamps is that you can layer them and get a really clear picture.  Now you can see that I’ve placed the giraffe behind the elephant and lion – that means I’ll have to mask them off so when I stamp the giraffe image, they stay clean. (The giraffe image will not overlap the lion and elephant)

April 15 Tutorial 2

Now that I know how I want them to be placed, I’m going to give you a big tip – carefully slide the stamp that you are not going to be masking (in this case the giraffe) out from under the other two stamps.  Then place your clear block over both of them so you can stamp them at the same time.  This way they stay spaced exactly the way you want them!  (hard to see, but hopefully you get the idea!)

April 15 Tutorial 3

I forgot to take a picture of this, but I created masks for the elephant and lion – you can see them below in blue and pink.  Just stamp your image a second time on a sticky note (or piece of scrap paper and use a tiny bit of removable adhesive to keep it in place) and cut it out (as close to the lines as possible!).  Then place the sticky notes over the top of the images you’ve stamped on your card base.  This way when you stamp your next image – the giraffe – any parts that overlap the other images stamp on your mask instead of on the image on your card.  Super easy peasy!

April 15 Tutorial 4

Once you’re done remove your masks and you can see that the giraffe now looks like he’s behind the elephant and lion 🙂  Now you’re ready to color and make your card!

April 15 Tutorial 5

Here’s the finished product!  A clean and simple card with an adorable stamped scene on it!  

April 15 Tutorial 6

I hope that you found this tutorial helpful and it’s something that you’ll try – Some Odd Girl images are awesome to use together!  If you try this technique out, be sure to share with us on Facebook, Instagram, on our Pinterest board and in our linky party in the side bar – we simply love to see the awesome works of art you all make!  Hope everyone has a fabulous day!  More techniquey goodness tomorrow!

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