Introducing our Guest Designers!

Introducing our Guest Designers!

Happy Friday! Kristy with you for a big, happy, fun announcement! Do you guys remember when we talked about our new Design Team and that we would be watching all our channels, Facebook, our Community, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, for people who made themselves known and showed talent, enthusiasm and that Odd something? Well I’m excited to introduce our first Guest Designers for their 4 month stint of June – September!

If you’re a regular at any of our places then I know you’ve seen and recognize these ladies, yes we went with 2 this time. They’ve been just a treat behind the scenes getting ready too. I’d like to introduce to you…


Ellen Hax
Crafty Ellen

Ellen has a very recognizable style and a personality we knew would make a great fit. I could ramble on and on but I’ll let her speak for herself with her wonderful creations…

EllenH. Promo1

our second but not second Guest Designer is another star I’m sure you’ll recognize and oogle too…


Elle Lindgren
Creative Cardsea

I’ve been a fan of Elle’s for quite a bit. She’s demure but her creativity speaks volumes…




I think we made some fabulous finds for our first 4 month Guest Designers! They are working right alongside the Odd Girls and will be with us thru September, I’m pretty stoked to see everything they come up with!

If you want to be our next Guest Designer, starting in October, you just need to be you and show us your Odd love by participating in our Community, showing projects and however else you get down. We are watching! But not creepy watching 😉

You’ll see our Guests join us in their first post on Monday with our next Digi Stamp release, don’t miss it! I’ve seen the cards and they’re fabulous.




  1. What a sweet announcement!! I’m so happy about it 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you both, awesome cards, can’t wait to see your SOG creations over the next few months, so happy for you both

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