Just THREE colors?

Just THREE colors?

Hey there, Oddies!

Leah here with a little inspiration and hey, a mini-challenge of sorts for you!  I’m a big fan of turquoise, so I decided to join in the Color Swatch Journal prompt for May…  Except that I’m taking it down a notch and limiting myself to THREE markers for my entire project. 

I love monochromatic coloring, and I decided to take the suggested GT2 Spectrum Noir marker plus TWO others that would allow me to completely color an image and use it on a project.  Three colors REALLY isn’t much, and it can be difficult to achieve a lot of depth, so I opted for a simple image to color. 

Our Coy Kaylee digi stamp was a great choice because the clothes don’t have a lot of pleats or details in them.  That would just frustrate me when trying to get some good shadows.  Yes, it’s possible to allow the markers to dry and add more color for a darker tone, but sometimes the image will get too muddy or mottled because of oversaturation.  I grabbed my BT2 (for a lighter base and slightly bluer tone) and BT6 to step up a little further for contrast.  BT2 served as my first layer for everything but Kaylee’s shoes, and I layered and blended until I achieved this:

leah kaylee teal2

One more marker (a grey, perhaps) would have given me the extra depth and contrast I needed, but the BT6 had to suffice.  That’s the point of a challenge, right?  🙂 

I paired Coy Kaylee up with a sentiment from our Birthday Mae clear stamp set, punched some shapes from Sunshine Sorbet paper, added a few Hexie Dots, and voila!

leah swatch kaylee

I think this combination is one I’ll definitely revisit!

Have you checked out the Color Swatch Journal prompts before?  You can join in anytime, join only the ones you want to do, and you don’t have to upload completed projects.  Most importantly, we want to share combinations that have been great successes (or horror stories, so we can stay away from them, too!) and be able to refer back to these anytime when we’re happy with the results!  CLICK HERE to check out the May album, and have fun exploring different combinations and hopefully some awesome results!



  1. This looks amazing! I am in awe! Great way to challenge yourself! I also think it’s a great way to show that while having an arsenal of markers is fantastic, for those who can’t afford a ton, can still achieve a fantastic colored image. Wonderful share today!

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