Retirement Sale

Retirement Sale


Can you believe that we’ve been selling our Clear Stamps since 2012? Seems crazy when I went thru the list of all our sets. We’ve only ever retired a handful of them and while I love them to bits, without a team of packers/shippers, we’ve got a bit more on our hands than I can… well… handle. This will free up some space here at SOG Central and make way for new sets in the fall.

Each Monday in May we will be adding new Clear Stamp sets to our Retirement Sale.

I didn’t want to drop the mic on them all at once in a crazy avalanche so I thought we’d have some fun with it.

I know that we are spacing these out so if you think you might buy something on more than one Monday and want us to combine your order, please just note it in the comments box. We’ll hold it until the end of the month and refund the difference in shipping when it goes out. 

Supplies of these sets are very limited and they won’t be coming back!

Happy Shopping!



  1. This includes digi stamps? I looked up some that had been on my wishlist and couldn’t find them. 🙁

    1. Author

      Our Retirement sale is only on physical products, so mainly Clear Stamps 🙂 I’m still working on editing all the digi stamps into the new shop so if you want to let me know which are on your list you’re not finding I’ll move those to the top to get up.

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