Movie Monday – re-purposed drink jars!

Movie Monday – re-purposed drink jars!

Hello Oddies!  We hope you had a wonderful weekend, and those celebrating Father’s Day enjoyed their time with their Dads, husbands, or remembering people dear to them.

You’ve got Judy here with you on this Movie Monday.  Today’s video will show how to re-purpose a glass frappuccino drink bottle into a decorated milk bottle.  The Cookies n Milk clear set is just perfect for this project, so that’s what I went with.  Put a few cookies and a fun straw with the milk bottle and you’ve got an awesome midnight snack for a slumber party.

Milk Bottle pic


What other items can you think of that would be great for recycling into a Some Odd Girl craft?  We would love to hear your ideas!  Leave us a comment below or come on over to the Facebook community and share it with us there.

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