Tutorial – Make a Digi Scene

Tutorial – Make a Digi Scene

Hey Oddlets, Melissa here today to show you how you can ‘create a scene’ using your digi images.  I am using the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, but you will find that the steps will be similar in other software as well.  

My first photo is a pic of the complete screen in Silhouette Designer software.  I wanted you to see what the whole screen area looks like as I will crop the screen pics in additional photos.

Screenshot 1_edited-1

Once you have a new page open, head into your digi files and choose the images you want to work with.  Be sure to choose the .png images so the backgrounds are clear.  When you see a white background with the image, merging won’t work.

Screenshot 2_edited-1

I like to work in threes, so I am going to choose three Some Odd Girl images that will work together.  Once I have opened my first image I am going to choose MERGE for each additional character I want. This will open and place each character on the same page, which eliminates cutting and pasting.

Screenshot 3_edited-1

My digi choices are Flower, Forest Friend Fairy, and Giggle Fairy.  I think they will blend well together to create a scene.

screenshot 4_edited-1

Placing the images together is a personal preference and often requires you to drag them around, resize, repeat… until you get them as you want them.

screenshot 5_edited-1

I moved Forest Friend Fairy first but I don’t want her behind the Flower.  To change that I clicked on her, went into Object, Arrange, and clicked ‘bring to front’ to move her in front of the flower. 

screenshot 6_edited-1

Next I brought Giggle Fairy down and placed her behind the other two images.  I did a little tweaking, rotated Forest Friend Fairy to re-position her into a straighter position, which allowed me to hide the Flower stem.  Do note that none of these images are altered, it’s all about arrangement and putting images behind or in front of other images.

screenshot 7_edited-1

After I had my placement done I went around all three images and the went to Object, and Group so the three become one image.  This makes sizing for printing easier because I am working with one image, not three.   If you think you will want to print it again remember to save it with a new name using the .png extension.

screenshot 8_edited-1

The printed images.

screenshot 9

 All finished, complete with sentiment from the retiring Gwen in Bloom clear stamp set.  

fairy merge

 Not so hard, right?  Just a few clicks, and it’s easy to build a scene using digi stamps!

Show us the scenes you’ve created by sharing in our Facebook community or adding your new projects to our Oddies’ Project Board on Pinterest, and remember to link up all your new creations to our Linky Party in the top right sidebar!  We love seeing what our Oddies are up to, and we often draw inspiration from YOU, too!



  1. Thanks for the tute!! I’ve never merged images or even rarely work with png’s…will have to try this!! Adorable card too and love the images you used! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous card and the image merge is very nice. Love your coloring. Thanks so much for sharing the how to steps. Haven’t tried it yet it will

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