Tutorial – Rainbow effect embossing

Tutorial – Rainbow effect embossing

It’s mid-week, and it’s Leah here, happy to be getting over the hump! 

Today, I’m sharing a little tutorial with you to create pretty effects with embossing and creating your own backgrounds using your Some Odd Girl clear stamps.

Here are SOME of the supplies.  I emphasize “some” because I wasn’t happy with the result of the first attempt with my sentiment, so I fixed it up.  🙂

leah emboss1

I started with my Teacher Mae and Bouquet Tobie (currently out of stock) clear stamp sets, with an assortment of embossing powders, my Wedding Dress Memento Luxe ink (it stays wet for a long time, which is perfect for this kind of project!) and my trusty powder swipey thingy, so the embossing powder doesn’t stick where you’re not inking.  Of course, add in the cardstock, stamp block and heating tool and we’re ready to go!

Step 1:  Swipe the powder sachet across the page generously, not leaving clumps of powder but ensuring good coverage

leah emboss2

 Step 2: Stamp sentiment so it’s easy to figure out where to position the other stamps

leah emboss3

Step 3:  Fill the rest of the area you want to cover -work quickly so the ink doesn’t dry!

leah emboss4

Step 4:  SPRINKLE THAT STUFF!  I added my embossing powder in diagonal lines for interest, in an order I thought might look nice.  Be sure to add a generous amount for full coverage (and plan on throwing out the rest since it will all be mixed together)

leah emboss5

Step 5:  Heat emboss – this is where the magic happens!

leah emboss6

BUT then I decided I didn’t like how the sentiment came out – the “t” didn’t have full coverage and there was a blob that looked like an apostrophe (and that just won’t do!).

So, enter Step 6:  Choose other supplies to fix and finish!  I grabbed a small border, a label and my Ombre Ink pad and fixed up my sentiment.

leah emboss7

Step 7:  Add finishing touches (the pearls were a last-minute addition) and voila!
A quick 15-minute card!

leah emboss8

I have to admit, I don’t heat emboss very often because I am by no means a pro at this technique.  You can see some imperfections where I obviously didn’t dust, but overall I love how the card turned out!  See?  We all make mistakes and we all learn.  Next time I’ll move faster so I can avoid the sentiment mishap and make it a one-layer card.  Not having to take photos along the way will help speed things up, too!

Thanks for stopping by!
We’ll be back tomorrow with some vintagey inspiration from Alexis!
ANNND if you didn’t catch yesterday’s big announcement, you’ll want to CLICK HERE to find out how YOU can become an Oddvocate!  (Trust me, just click it!)


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