Tutorial from Ellen – re-creating a card box

Tutorial from Ellen – re-creating a card box

Have you seen the new challenge on our Facebook page? It’s about recycling.

Because I (Ellen) really like to reuse old stuff, I want to show how I used an old card box to create a new one.

These pictures show how I made the card box:

1. Supplies you need: a Some Odd Girl stamp (here Cat Lady Kaylee clear stamp set), an old card box, scissors, a pencil, a
bone folder, one thick 30×30 paper, twine, a hole punch or Cropadile (oops!  not in the picture) and a rectangular die or cutter.

2. Take your pencil and draw around the old card box on your 30×30 paper. It’s important to have thick paper that will make the card box sturdy.

3. Fold the lines that need to be folded. For this you can use the old card box as a guideline.

4. Cut out a window with rectangular dies or cutter. After that you can glue the box, but don’t forget
to first add the transparency
for the window (I reused the transparency from the old box).  

5. Punch out two holes in the outside flap with your hole punch, to the make the closure.

6. Close the box like you normally would do. After that you can draw the circles with your pencil on the piece that sits underneath it.

7. Now you can make holes where you just drew some pencil lines. Use the twine to close the box.

8. The last thing you need to do is to decorate the box. Now you can put some of your favorite cards in it.

Isn’t it a perfect gift or just a pretty way to store your own cards?

Share your projects featuring recycling in our Facebook Community and play along with our challenge!
Maybe you’re just using old packaging and somehow incorporating it into your creation, or maybe you’re re-using the whole thing – we’d love to see!

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  1. Beautiful project- love the subject and coloring.

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