Watercoloring Tutorial from Katie Perry!

Watercoloring Tutorial from Katie Perry!

Hiya crafty peeps!  Katie coming at you today with an easy way to use those Distress Ink pads you have lying around for some inky, watercoloring fun!

First you’ll need a few supplies: watercolor paper, Some Odd Girl stamps/clear block, Versamark ink pad, white embossing powder, water mister, water brush, clear acetate, Distress Ink pads, (optional items- painters tape, paint brush)

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 1

Then, on to the fun part!

First use your painters tape (or whatever kind of tape you have- painters tape just sticks well but also removes easily – kind of like WASHI!) and tape your watercolor paper to a firm surface, I just use some cardboard.  This will keep your paper from wrinkling when wet and also give a cool border effect!

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 2

Once things are taped down just stamp and heat emboss your Some Odd Girl image- here I used Mr. Octopus

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 3.1

Then use your water mister to spray your watercolor paper- make sure it’s saturated because that will help the ink move around but don’t put too much or else the ink will go outside the lines 🙂

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 4

Next, press your Distress Ink pads onto a piece of acetate – I just put a paper towel under the acetate so I can see the ink better – and mist those as well so the ink is diluted and easy to pick up on your brush.

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 5

Now it’s time to have some fun with color!  Use your water brush (or just plain paintbrush dipped in water) to apply color inside the lines of your embossed image.  The more water you use, the less pigmented the color will be – the less water, the more vibrant.  Have fun with this part and feel free to mix things up!  Little tip: the dryer the paper gets as you work, the less the colors will blend together. 

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 6

Once all your colors are laid down give another spritz from your water mister to blend them all together gently.

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 8

This next step is kind of an extra- but if you want a cool border effect from the tape paint in a background wash of color.  This will also make the white embossing stand out a little bit more…

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 7

Now you can remove the tape to reveal your border – cool huh?  Add a stamped sentiment if you wish – I used one of accompanying sentiment stamps from the Mr. Octopus set…

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 9

And viola – your masterpiece is complete!  I decided to keep things clean and simple and just attached my watercolor paper to a piece of colored cardstock 🙂

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 10

SOG Watercolor Tutorial 11

I hope that you enjoyed this little watercolor tutorial!  This is perfect for those who want an occasional alternative to coloring an image with markers or pencils.  I hope you’ll give watercoloring a try and share with us in our Linky Party in the sidebar as well as on social media like our Facebook Community, tag us on Instagram and pin with us on Pinterest – we love seeing your creations!  Hope everyone has a fabulous day!


  1. I love the octopus! Great tutorial! I want to try this technique out again now!! -Right Now!

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