August Spotlight – who rocked it?

August Spotlight – who rocked it?


Happy Friday Oddies! Kristy here, bringing you this month’s spotlight! I have 2 creations to share that especially caught my eye, and I know they’ll inspire you just as much…

First off I have a layered beauty. Great coloring, the different layers are popped up for an even more realistic look, and great paper choices…

Veronique Pratte

Don’t you just love this card from Veronique Pratte too? I think she’s definitely rocked both images, then together, wow! Fantastic scene!

Second is a creation entered into our Summer Challenge in our Facebook Community. There were a ton of awesome entries into that challenge but this one caught my eye…

Marika Gewalli

The glow Marika Gewalli captured on this card with her coloring is a really great addition to the image and gives it a whole other idea than just a pearl. You guys have creative ideas I never think of when I draw these image, rock on with your bad selves!

Thanks for stepping into the spotlight with your hawt guitar solos, Marika and Veronique! I might be taking the rocker analogy too far, but your creations are stand out examples of why I puffy heart all you Oddies. Your love of art and massive creativity is always amazing!

I want to invite you, if you aren’t with us already, to go on over to our Community and join in our latest challenge. Melissa has been working hard to give your mojo a kick in the pants and we’d love to see you enter. Not to mention just hang out and chat, that’s always fun and I learn a lot from all of you. See you there!


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