Inspiration – Flip your stamp’s meaning

Inspiration – Flip your stamp’s meaning

Hullo, Oddies!!

Alexis here and I’ve decided to do a little flipperoo on one of my favorite Some Odd Girl stamps, Umbrella Gwen. Until Piper came along and stole my heart with her curly hair, Gwen was my favorite character to color and Umbrella Gwen was one of my favorite stamps to use on ‘Get Well Soon’ or ‘Miss You’ style cards.  But today I gave her a much happier light and a little bit of Luuuuurve.

Umbrella Gewn

I created the background by alternating the hearts from Cat Lady Kaylee set and the Be You clear set in various shades of pink to fall around her like rain. The sentiment is from the Umbrella Gwen set and just goes lovely with the theme. The last time I colored her it was all black and white, so this time I wanted her to be vibrant and pink and yellow to fit the theme of this lovey card more.

I can’t wait to give it to my husband for our upcoming anniversary. He still has all of the cards I’ve ever made him on a shelf by the bed. (Sweet, right?) Well, I hope you enjoyed this look at a stamp a little differently than you may have looked at her before and I hope you start looking at other stamps a little differently as well and see their full potential!

See you tomorrow, kittens, for some more Odd fun!

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  1. Just FUN, sweet and GORGEOUS!!!!!!

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