More s-t-r-e-t-c-h for your stamps!

More s-t-r-e-t-c-h for your stamps!

Hello there, Ellen here!! 🙂  Today I want to show you something different.  It all started with the idea that I want to get more out of my stamps, because nothing is as sad as a stamp that is barely usedThat’s why I thought of three fun ways to repeat the same stamps on one card.  I hope you find them inspiring!

On the first card I stamped out these crayons 3x (clear stamp set: School Supplies) and gave them different/unusual colors.  To let them look dissimilar I stamped out the faces (clear stamp set:Umbrella Gwen) in different directions on the crayon. Now it looks like these crayons are different stamps, but we know better…  😉

With the next card I had a lot fun.  It’s just simply repeating stamps (clear stamp sets: Clever Kittys, Hipster Pets and Cat Lady Kaylee) to make your own background.  It’s perfect when you don’t find pretty background papers that fit your card, or when you want something a little more neutral so the colors pop!

The last card repeats the sentiment “merci” (clear stamp set: Frenchie Gwen). This technique is fun to do with clean and simple cards, or a card where you really want to place a lot of emphasis on the title.

If you use these techniques or your own ideas to repeat stamps, we want to see them!  Share with us on all our social media channels like our SOG Facebook Community, Instagram, Pinterest and in our Linky Party in the sidebar!  It’s so much fun to see all your pretty cards!!

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