Q-Tip Masking using Build A Snowman


  1. Super adorable snowman! This was an awesome tutorial! I am loving how clean you were able to get the lines! When I first started Stamping I would remove it with my finger and tried baby wipes but nothing truly got it clean and there was always a shadow so this is great! Who knew simple water and a qtip was the trick the whole time 😉 Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Author

      Right there with you Charity! I gave up on masking because of my mixed results, super frustrating! The Q-Tips were sitting on my desk and that light bulb moment makes me want to mask all the things now lol

  2. Wonderful tutorial. I purchase “children” swabs sold at asian markets. They are precision tipped, and in miniature “pigeon” brand,
    perfect for cleaning my stamps and the inner parts of the ink pad lids, where I mostly get my finders “inky”

    Love the RELEASE!

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