Happy ODDTOBER! And a little funky color inspiration…

Happy ODDTOBER! And a little funky color inspiration…

Good morning, Oddies, and can I get a “WOOT WOOT!”?  October, rather ODD-tober, has arrived!  We love this month.  It’s going to be full of fabulosity in our Facebook Community, so you REALLY ought to swing by and see what all the fuss is about!  (Those who subscribe to our newsletter know what I’m talking about!)


Leah here, giving you a personal invitation to join us OVER HERE so you can be a part of the festivities!  Not only are we thrilled at the cooler temperatures that October typically brings, but Halloween is right around the corner, ANNNNND it’s the celebratory month of The Odd Girl‘s birthday!  Right.  In her honor, we celebrate all month long.  😀

So.  A quickie inspiration post for you today, encouraging you to share your wild and funky color combinations (green hair, don’t care!) for hair, skin, clothes, fur, whatever!  I thought our girl, Unicorn Mae (digi stamp) might be a little experimental like me, and opt for something a little different for her mane and tail…  Whaddya think?

unithanks mae

Not sure if you’ve figured this out about we Odd Girls, but we like it funky!  And we KNOW Kaylee does, too, but what about Mae?  Why should she miss out on all the fun?  Hair dye can do wonders for a girl’s spirit!  What fun color combos have you incorporated into your Some Odd Girl creations?  Share ’em (and share all the SOGgy love!) by clicking here and don’t forget to add your new projects to the Linky Party in the top right sidebar! 

See you in the Facebook Community, and HAPPY ODD-TOBER!

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