QUICK cleaning for your dirty SOGgies!

QUICK cleaning for your dirty SOGgies!

 Hello oddies, Ellen here!!

Today I have a special tutorial for you; how to clean your stamps. The next pictures explain it step by step:

1. What do you need? One bowl with one drop of dishwashing liquid (don’t take too much soap!).  Another bowl with just clean water.  Your dirty stamps and some paper towels.

2. Take your stamps and let them soak for a few minutes in water with dish soap. After that you can rub some more ink of your stamps with your fingers (be careful for your sentiment stamps).

3. The next step is to put them in the bowl with water to wash off the soap.

4. Let them air dry on the paper towel. They are not only completely clean, but the stamps will stick better too on acrylic block.  Depending on the ink you use, there may always be some staining, but it will not impact the quality of the image!

Easy peasy!  Dishwashing liquid is very gentle on stamps and is a very safe way to clean them.  Plus you can bang out a whole bunch of stamps at once if you have a tendency to stamp and stick them right back in the package!  (Or, if you’re OCD like many people, you clean them immediately after stamping before putting them away!)

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