A Spinner Card featuring Unicorn Mae!

A Spinner Card featuring Unicorn Mae!

Hi there, Odd friends!  An easy little tutorial for you to create an interactive and fun card today! 

Ellen here, and I’m sharing some quick tips on how to make a simple spinner card!  You’ve seen them, right? 



1.    First you paste the image (for this card, our Unicorn Mae digi stamp) in a word document and give it the size you prefer. After that you select the image and copy and paste the image (click on your left mouse and drop down to copy → then click your left mouse button and paste). Now you have two images that are the exact same size.

2.    After that you want to mirror the image. (Select the image → click on format → click on the rotate button → click on flip horizontal)



3.    After the images are printed you want to color them (a-ha! the fun part!).

4.    The next step is to cut the images. After that you glue the images back to back, with a piece of fine twine between them (give it some length to trim to size and adhere!).

5.    Make a card with a frame in the middle and make an extra frame so you can glue the twine between your card front and your card base.

6.    Twist the twine, so it turns if you open the card.

Tadaaa there is your self-made spinning card!!!



At the end I also included a star on the back panel of the card with the sentiment “100% organic awesome” (from the Hipster Kody clear stamp set). Now it’s ready to be delivered!


  1. Woow.. it’s amazing. Thank you for the tuto 🙂

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