Tute for a GORJE Watery Watercolor Background!

Tute for a GORJE Watery Watercolor Background!

Good morning, Oddies!

Alexis here, and I’ve got a creepy, watery, watercolor tutorial for you just after Halloween.

I’ve been obsessed with watercolor lately and as soon as Kristy released the Wraith Mae Digi stamp, I instantly had an idea for a drowned bride card. Now, I’m not one for scares. Please don’t jump out at me and please don’t show me gross, scary movies. That being said, I still LOVE Halloween and I do love creepy fun suspense, and one of my favorite Halloween themes is Disney’s Haunted Mansion -my favorite part of the ride is the ghostly bride who hauntingly promises that you’ll be joining her soon. The hair on Wraith Mae made me think of drowning, the way it seems to be floating up toward the sky, and that dress instantly said “bride”. 

With inspiration firmly in hand, all that was left was to put ink to paper. Literally.


I started out with my supplies to make a watercolor background, including Distress Inks, Hot Pressed watercolor paper, brushes and lots and lots of water! The key to this method of watercolor is to thoroughly saturate the paper with water first thing. I then added, one at a time, my Distress Inks in splotches over the page and tilted my paper around, letting the color spread across the page in streaky waves. I kept most of the color at the bottom, tilting the paper upside down so it created spindly arms of color reaching up from the bottom, and I kept my colors scheme soft blue, eerie green and warm grey. 

Once the color was set the way I wanted, I dried it thoroughly with a craft dryer and let it sit for a few minutes before moving onto the next steps.


First I sprinkled some water droplets onto my dried page and let them sit for a moment before blotting them off. Since the Distress Inks reactivate in water, this creates lovely soft spots in the design. Then I sprayed a little white ink and a little shimmer over the page to give it a haunting shimmer. I thought the sentiment from the Under the Sea Mae clear set seemed suitably creepy and ominous in this context. In fact, I might never look at this sentiment quite the same way…. 

The nice thing about watercolor backgrounds is that you don’t need to add much else to make an awesome card. I matted it on a shimmery turquoise card stock and added a few touches of shimmer with Wink of Stella brushes and enamel dots. 

And then I got to add my super creepy Wraith Mae and we had a finished card! 

Wraith Mae

I was excited to get to play with this Digi before Halloween! I love how she looks on my watery watercolor background and I hope she creeps into your life soon! 



  1. Love the background and card is nice. I would have used one of your lovely mermaids, but that is me. It is still a great card for Halloween and nice coloring..Loved your dragon drawing a few days back so hope we’ll get to see him again sometime. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

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