Money Money Money Money….MONEY!

Money Money Money Money….MONEY!

Good morning, Oddies!

Alexis here with an attempt to make you all more fiscally responsible while still being able to purchase all the fun crafty things you want! Crafting can be expensive, especially with all these adorable stamps that you just HAVE to have (because you do. It’s important)… And the paper! Oh, the paper! It doesn’t matter how much we have, because let’s face it, the new stuff is always better and we need it! All of it! And don’t even get me started on embellishments. I’ve mentally just blown tons of money on restocking my craft room (that is already quite full) and it’s not even lunchtime. My solution?

Change Jar Inspiration 3

A crafty money jar.

My theme was simple, really. Wise people save money. And then they spend it on amazing goodies that make them happy. So what better way to represent my new found wisdom than with Nerdy Bird, the super adorable hipsterish owl Digi? All it took was a mason jar, some paper scraps, colored pencils, a bit of baker’s twine and my favorite wood veneer diamond and I had an adorable money jar that I would look forward to saving up in! 

Change Jar Inspiration 2

I’ve already saved up enough for 3 new stamps and a new paper pad and look at how proud Nerdy Bird looks! You, too can easily work on a guilt-free craft stash with just a little help from your favorite stamp and some ingenuity. Now I just need to work on being able to afford that new cutter I’ve had my eye on. I think I’ll need to get a bigger jar…..

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