January Spotlight

January Spotlight

Hey Oddies! Kristy with you sharing some inspirational finds from you lovely peeps in our Community. There’s been a ton since 2016 kicked off but today I’m going to share 3 that caught my eye this month.

Our first one comes from a super speedy lady that had to make it right. now. Which is still way faster than my warp speed, just sayin.



Isn’t it super cute? Rachel bought, colored, created, photographed and posted this card all in the same day, heck, only a handful of hours after release. I bow to your skills Rachel!


Sometimes… ok, a lot of times… when I draw up these images, sentiments are the last thing on my mind. Often I can’t come up with a good one quickly.


Lisa totally gave me a forehead slappin moment with her perfectly crafted sentiment! I love how her background invokes the outdoors without taking away from her gorgeous coloring of Jump Rope Tia too.


Last up for this month is from someone who you can obviously tell put a lot of work and love into her creation…


My goodness Jessie! I remember coloring the family portrait for the shop and thinking it took a while but then YOU went above and beyond and added a background… virtual high fives!


You ladies totally rocked my fuzzy socks off! We’d love to see even more awesome from all of you in February so come over to our Community, join in the challenges, see everyone’s creativity and share yours too.

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  1. love that girl with cat!
    so cute!
    Bad Kitty’s Craftroom

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