Thrones of Tobie

Thrones of Tobie

Hi there, Odd girls, guys and friendly critters! Elle here with a card inspired by something different.

Do you ever find yourself stuck on the same ol’ color scheme/palette or the same ol’ card design? It’s easy to get stuck in the familiar when it works so well for us, isn’t it? However, a part of nurturing our creative spirits is finding new challenges to try. For my card, I know I wanted to use the absolutely adorable Prince Charming Tobie – I spied this digi on the day it was released and scooped it right up – but I also wanted to do something other than my usual style. So, I stared at the printed-out stamp really hard (trust me, it helps) and finally decided to use Game of Thrones as inspiration.


I have to confess that I don’t actually watch Game of Thrones¬† (for shame!). I get too attached to characters and burst into tears way too easily if they get hurt or die. And if there’s one thing GOT is famous for, well, it’s killing off all those characters… I do, however, see glimpses of outfits from the show through social media – which was just enough to inspire a new (and different!) palette. I went for a slightly darker, monochromatic look. I didn’t stay completely true to the show, of course. I wouldn’t want to stick poor Tobie smack-dab in the middle of that! But I did end up with a much darker card that’s perfectly masculine while still being adorable.

Have you ever found yourself inspired by a TV show or a movie? Tell us in a comment below. Or let us know in our super friendly Facebook group.


  1. Amazing work, Elle! Gorgeous colouring! Such talent!

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