Selfie Shaker

Selfie Shaker

Good morning, Oddies! Alexis here with a fun shaker card using the Mae & Kaylee Selfie digi stamp. It’s a super cute image I’ve been eager to color since it came out and I had the perfect opportunity for my friend Dani’s birthday.

I colored up the girls to look like her and I, with my pink ombre hair and her crazy luxurious blonde hair! She has a fun thing for bees, so I really liked incorporating the hexagon/honeycomb pattern into the card and that area is also a shaker filled with bright yellow sequins and beads.


The card turned out super cute and she totally loved it.

Obviously. I paired the stamp up with the ‘Smile’ sentiment from Garden Gwen on a vellum banner and embellished with a few more sequins to match the ones inside the shaker. 

I do always love a shaker card, and practice definitely makes perfect with them. My first shaker didn’t have enough inside the shaker and everything just kind of stuck to the edges. *pouts* They work much better for me now…

Have you created any Odd shaker cards? Yes? Then share them with us in the comments or in our Community, we’d love to see!



  1. wonderful card!
    hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

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