What’s My Name?

What’s My Name?

Today we are officially kicking off Year 8 with a contest!

Remember me pointing out yesterday that we had 7 characters? 7 Years, 7 characters.

Starting our 8th year it only seems appropriate to add to our family! 

Every image in my shop has one of my original characters, I don’t give every image a random name, its just how I roll. But you know what? I seriously suck at naming things… the exception being my kids, still love those… so when contemplating adding another character it only seems right to ask you guys to help me out…

That’s our contest! Help me give our new girl a name. Pretty easy, right? It is but its got to fit her.

Every one of our Odd Family has a personality, a trait that influences what and how I draw them. I see Kaylee as free spirited, Mae more shy and demure, Gwen a retro girl, Piper an upbeat fashionista… our new girl? I see her as an outgoing, confident, bad assy lady. What kind of name fits that description? 

I have 3 new digis of our as-yet-named girl ready to go, you can see part of one in the pic above, but until she gets a name I can’t add her to the shop! Can you help me?

Whoever suggests the name that I ultimately choose will get all 3 of the new digis, a $10 gift certificate to our shop AND a guest designer spot in our upcoming guest designer call (later in Feb).

I hope that is enough to get your create juices flowing!

Leave your name ideas below, in the comments, you can enter as many times as you like. I don’t want to drag this on too long, a girl deserves a name! So just as the DT Call ends on January 22, so does this contest. 

I really can’t wait to see what you guys have for me and here’s to an exciting year 8!



  1. I think Sasha would be a great name for her and it seems to go well with all the other character names as well. Can’t wait to get this new girl and color her up!

  2. She immediately reminded me of Sandy from the movie Grease. I don’t know why ….but she’s a cool chic like Sandy!

  3. It might be the ponytail and leather jacket but as soon as I saw her I thought, Jo. Sure, her mom probably named her Josephine and everyone tried to call her Josie but she always knew she was Jo. 🙂

  4. Leena, sometimes Lee. She seems like a every day girl that was a tom boy that has finally found her style. Leena is a friend to everyone who knows her and she likes meeting new people and putting herself out there. She defends those who can’t speak up for themselves. She is also a slight nerd (maybe a fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, doctor Who and Sherlock). She’s wears mismatched socks and goes to conventions and might even shave part of her head. Favorite food is pizza and carries her coffee a large Starbucks thermos cause you never know when you need a pick me up.


    One image and I am really excited to color her.

    Happy birthday, some odd girl

  5. How about
    Carla from Utah

  6. I love the name Anna named to my sweet mother in law who passed away.
    When she was young she looks like the image.

  7. How about Sienna?

  8. She looks gorgeous! A really cool chick!
    My suggestions
    Tess 😉 (My nickname)

    Some names. 😀

  9. This is Zoe – A trendy mum – juggling a career working shifts in the emergency services where she takes no nonsense and can be tough but is still caring and loves cuddling up on the sofa watching films, drinking wine and eating chocolate! She loves martial arts and isn’t a girlie girl and loves walking with her dogs in her wellies, but she does love to be pampered and a lovely long soak in the bath!
    Ha love this game! X

  10. I would say Naomi, Mia or Stella. Hugs, Laila.

  11. Kimberley, you description reminds me of my daughter. She has the confidence to wear what she wants as she has her own unique style, if her friends are arguing she doesn’t take sides, she tells them how to sort it out. She’s not afraid to show her strengths or her weaknesses ( although she’d say it’s not weak to show her weaknesses it takes strength to do that. She’s also mischievous, kind hearted and can find fun to do in anything.

  12. She totally looks like either a Jess or a Samantha to me. Sam or Sammy for short…

  13. She looks like Brook to me. Model and actress by day, motorcycle rider and mechanic by night.

  14. She is definitely a Lulu! Reminds me of my sister who is called Fionnuala but gets Lulu.

  15. Harper.
    Cool, trendy, sassy ✌

  16. I like Scarlett, Ally (like from the notebook movie), Rose, or Emma (like Emma Stine). Can’t wait to see all the images!!!

  17. Hayley…my son’s fiancé. She is studying to become a dentist. Hayley is a confident, young lady. She is kind and adventurous.

  18. I think “elle” , like “elle woods” from legally blonde cos she fits the character description to a T, and also, seeing as I share your birthday, and “elle” is the end of my name too, and I certainly encompass the character traits 🙂

  19. I saw her and immediately thought, “Ania” or “Anya”. I like her.

  20. I think ‘Clarity’. She has such a gentle yet confident look on her face. She’s fabulous hunny xxx

  21. I think Jayde/Jade won’t be messed about – very independent

    Hope everything is going well congrats on your 8th year xx

    Emma (metalicbutterfly)
  22. I think she looks like a Tia 🙂 xxx

  23. Silly me I knew there was a reason Gwen felt right..she is already one of your girls!

    Next on my list:

  24. She looks like a Liv to me.

  25. She looks like Sandy from Grease to me! So Sandra Dee

  26. Definitely Marla. She’s fabulous in every way.
    I look forward to seeing your designs for her.
    Many happy (and odd) returns

  27. I’m saying she’s a Celia. Don’t know why, but that Simon and Garfunkel song popped into my head the moment I saw her!

  28. I like Amelia after Amelia Earhart – now there’s a strong female character!

  29. Nat for Natalie!

  30. Zeva- my pick . 🙂

  31. Jen

  32. I am going to say either Bryar (my daughter) or Lynz (which is short form for my sister’s Lyndsey’s name). Both are bad-assy, confident and outgoing

  33. I think her name is Beatrix.
    or maybe Shira

  34. To me she looks like an Evelyn (or Eve/Eva for short). A strong, classic name for a classy and confident young lady who knows who she is and what she wants.

  35. oh I put names on facebook here they are :

  36. We have had one of the most badass women setting a fantastic model for the rest of us for the last 8 years. Her name should be Michelle.

  37. The name Adriana jumped out at me when I saw this new character! She so looks like an Adriana!

  38. Peta,Rowena,Emery,Tallulah,Raven,Jade,
    Wilhelmina and thats all from me 😀

  39. Tess would be a great name for this sassy red head!

  40. Amanda, goes by Mandie. She’s tough when she needs to be, but is a romantic at heart. Has a soft side for those in need, but stands no foolishness. Is a hard worker, but likes to have fun too.

  41. I say Lizzie. It’s simple and fun and derived from Elizabeth who is a queen of course.

  42. I think the name Harley suits her.

  43. Hmm I say Jessie, Fiona, Cassandra (Cassie), Brianne, or Taylor

  44. Taylor and Lexi are the names of the 2 strong, sassy, 20-somethings, in my life so I say one of those would be a great choice!
    Thanks for the chance and happy birthday-and many more!

  45. She looks like a Kiera to me. But I also like Dena or Lacey, or Bethany.

  46. I think the name Harper would be a great name. It reminds me of someone with a strong yet caring personality and I think that’s what ur new girl looks like.

  47. How about Max, Maxie, Sammy, Tommy, Brin, Bree, Markee, Harli, Starr, Faye, or Jayne?
    Though I like Jo or Charlie from above.
    Feels like she needs a boy name as she seems to exude a natural, comfortable, feminine confidence.

  48. Joyce after my grandmother, she was strong and sassy raising 7 children mainly on her own. She was also a wonderful inspiration, very creative and wise xxx

  49. she reminds me so much of my daughter whom just turned 8 as well so i think Ava would be an amazing

  50. I like these names for her: Sierra, Calliope, Raygin, Kinsley, Jazzy, Shayla, Tangie, Shandra

  51. Jess. I reckons she’s just like one of my daughters.

  52. I think she looks like a Laura. I don’t know why, that was just the name that came to mind as soon as I saw her! Best to go with your first instinct, eh 😉

  53. How about Alexa? Or Teresa

  54. Maybe a …..


    Goodluck with choosing a name, hugs Christa

  55. What a great contest Kristy!!

    I would love to call her Tatiana. This is a name from Black Orpha such a good filmseries! The actrice plays so good badass types.

  56. She seems like a very easygoing and confident chick so I see her having a non extravagant name but still a musical and sweet one, you know what I mean? 😉 To me she looks a lot like a Sylvia! But also Charlotte, Julia, Lucy, Camilla, Rachel. Or like me, Novella 🙂

  57. The name Denise jumped into my head when I saw her. She certainly fits in with the rest of the girls. ☺

  58. The meaning is the reason I pick every name, from my kids to my electronic cutter…LOL Based on what you want her personality to be, the name Trudy fits well. It means strength. Plus, it’s fun.

  59. I don’t know why, but before I even read your description, I immediately thought: Ashley.

    I don’t even know anyone named Ashley, it just popped into my head.

  60. Good luck with choosing, Kristy. There are a lot of great names here. I like Skye, Bree, Kat or maybe Jezzie (my kitty’s name is Jezebel and we call her Jezzie. She’s pretty bad-ass. LOL) xxD

  61. I think she looks like a Lauren or Laurel – or possibly Jamie?

  62. I love to name her Jane.

  63. Love the new character, i think Bria, Payton, McKenzie (could be nickname Mac, or Kenzie) Hanna….it will be fun to see what name you pick!! 🙂

  64. I think her name should be Callie ( or Cali). It just fits her!

  65. Oh I thought up more!


  66. When I first saw her with her green eyes, red hair and leather jacket I immediately thought of Clary from Mortal Instruments (movie) and Shaddowhunters (show.) Clary is confident, she’s thrown into this sort of magical and supernatural world on her 18th birthday so she had to be kind of bad-assy gal to survive- another cool thing is that she’s an artist.

  67. She looks just like my friend, Natalie! She’s full of sass and fun! Number 8 will always be Natalie to me. 😉

  68. I think she looks like a Claire.

  69. You know another name that could fit her? Olivia! I came up with other few names as well: Annika, Ella, Erika, Shannon, Tonya, Megan, Nicole, Erin.
    Wel, good luck with picking a name for this awesome new character…It looks like you got plenty of cool names to choose from 😀

  70. “Hope” we need “Hope” perfect for our world right now!!

  71. I think Camilla, Daisy, Lisa, would be great names. Camilla is a stron name, Daisy is Dainty, yet she looks nothing but a tough gal. And Lisa simple and low maintenance since she’s more of an adventurer

  72. She looks like a Jean to me! Like Jean Grey from X-Men, such a badass!

  73. Taylor. She reminds me of a co-worker who is actually in the Army. Definitely bad assy.

  74. She looks like an Amanda or Rebecca to me.
    Thanks for this fun contest.

  75. I like the name Corie

  76. Susieq, reminds me of myself. Always ready for anything.

  77. Susieq, reminds me of myself always ready.

  78. I think Jessa is cool. It is unusual enough to be for a unique girl like her. Plus I figure that’s like the rockin female version of Jesse James or James as-in James Dean.

  79. I think needs a name like Jax, Tonya or Ailyn. She looks smart, her own person with original style and she’s got that inner worldly knowledge.

  80. Roxy for sure. Bad ass, non nonsense, get sh*t done kinda chica. Worked her way up from the lower class to make something of herself in her 20s. Semi struggling artist, works as a barista to supplement her art shows. Environmentally friendly, she lives in Seattle. She has 3 cats and a ferret called Brody Vicious. She likes punk and classic rock, she was very heart broken when Bowie died, hence, her kitten was named Starman.

  81. Jackie or Sophie

  82. I like Emmy or Julia. Then again, green eyes and red hair, Colleen is a nice fit! ❤️

  83. I think she looks like a Jessie (short for Jessica)

  84. I am going with Maddie as she looks Ike my 13 year old outgoing, outspoken and extremely bad ass young lady!! lol

  85. Her name is Bianca! ❤

  86. How about Jennave

  87. She looks like a Brooklyn to me. Your description of her was the perfect description of my 9 year old daughter, Brooklyn. She’s got a big heart but she’s confident and outgoing and certainly tends to portray herself as a bad ass.

    I should also add that she’s great in school, middle school aged reading level, cares for everyone, and is a great kid. She’s just got something about her that stands out and I already know she won’t take crap from anybody.

  88. These are the names that come to mind

  89. How about Rhonda or Skyler?

  90. When I look at her, I think of someone who knows who she is, what she wants and doesn’t hold her opinions back from anybody! She is a fierce protector of those she cares about, and will stand up to any unjust behaviour.

    I think with her piercing green eyes and reddish-auburn hair an Irish name meaning “strong protector” is an awesome fit.

    Everybody, meet Sloane.

    Kiss-ass but kind. Opinionated and confident but never mean. She’s got a fiery personality when aggravated, but it’s because she’s so passionate. She is a deep lover, a deep thinker. She loves to immerse herself in classic literature and teaches self-defense to young girls. She was bullied as a young girl because she was always a little on the short side, but despite her smaller stature, she packs a wallop when she wants to!


  91. Her green eyes makes her look like a Bonnie to me.

  92. Well, after reading so many other suggestions I am going to share my original idea and then my faves from previous posts!!

    I like Vicki and Renee and Dani.
    Out my two new faves are Clarity and Roxie.

    I agree she has that confidence galore look. Don’t push anyone else around while she is there to put you in your place!

    My daughter is Georgia Nicole….Nikki seems to fit as well!

    Good luck!

  93. I think she looks like a Justice. Or maybe Justy. Or a Kennedy.

  94. I think she should be named either Kinsey or Kensy, the first is a bad ass Private Investigator from my favorite book series and the other is a bad ass NCIS agent from TV.

  95. Kinsey, my favorite bad ass PI from my favorite book series.

    1. Please ignore this post, I posted twice in error.

  96. She totally reminds me of my sister Shauna!
    Her name must be Shauna! If I sent you her picture, you would totally agree!
    Second choice in name is Mazy… I love that name… it’s kiss-ass… unfortunately I had 3 boys and didn’t get to name a girl! Boooo…

  97. Sidney..someone who will tell you to move out of her way. Kind enough to send you a thank you card. Powerful without words.

  98. Hey Janet! Thought that would be a great name for her!

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