Have a Purrfect Birthday with Kitty Hopper!

Have a Purrfect Birthday with Kitty Hopper!


Hello Oddies! 


One of the many reasons I love Some Odd Girl Stamps is Kristy’s Adorable Critters! 

As an Registered Animal Health Technician (long title to say that I am a Veterinary Nurse), I have tons of co-workers who clearly love animals! 

For my latest co-workers birthday I decided to make a card featuring our clinic cat Bucket, Claire loves Bucket a lot, especially considering he is a very mischievous. He loves going after the flowers at work, so much so I usually have to keep a close eye on him (especially since some plants are poisonous) 

I love that kitty hopper has a bug he is playing with, but in this case I erased the bug, and added a little flower chipboard piece to personalize it a little!

I still haven’t been able to find a colour combo that truly matches Bucket, He is more sandy orange than how I coloured this kitty. But overall pretty happy at the tabby stripes I was able to achieve.

Do you have a mischevious critter of your own? I would love to hear about them!




PS. Here’s two photos of Mr. Bucket. He believes he is a handsome model whenever the camera comes out.  


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