Throw Back….Monday?

Throw Back….Monday?

Good morning, Oddies! Alexis here with this morning’s inspiration post and I’ve been thinking a lot about the past lately. I’ve been an Odd Girl for some time now and I can’t imagine not having this group of talented women, lead by our amazing artist Kristy, in my life. They are all espically inspirational. What I wanted to do today is flip back through some of my older creations and talk a little about what I would do differently now. 

This card using the Gaze Digi was one of my all time faves. I really love the dynamic expressions that Kristy puts into her characters and it’s so much fun to bring them to life with Copics. I was definitely still trying to find my ‘style’ back in 2013…and it’s still evolving now, as always, but my paper and ribbon choices make me all cringy now. I really love the gradient glitter circle peice SO much that now I wouldn’t have used all ther other stuff to pull away from it. Sometimes the coloring can speak for itself in a card.

One problem I used to have with cards is that I made them too large for my focal point. I used to make a LOT of 6×6 cards, and while that totally works with some subjects, it’s just too much for this little skiing bunny. Also, someone really should have told me to step away from the puff paint….eek. I’ve also grown into my sequin placement….lol.

Last but not least is this super cute Birdy digi stamp card. Normally, even if I’m not 100% happy with the composition of a card with hindsight, I’m still happy with the coloring work I did. Now, this one is different. I adore the workings of the card and the super cute papers I used from the Some Odd Girl Sunshine Sorbet collection and those hexigon wood peices are totally fab, but I’m not crazy about my coloring of this adorable digi. Feathers = Hard, yo. I’d love to say that a couple years later I’d be way better at it…and maybe I would, but I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have to make another cute birdy card soon and find out!! 

Rest assured I never plan to stop growing and it’s fun to look back at your progress and see where you started and what you have and can improve on! 

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