Ollie Monkeys with GuestDT Christa

Ollie Monkeys with GuestDT Christa

Hi everyone, here Christa with a fun card today.

I made this card for my little niece, its almost her birthday, she is turning 5 years old.

In the Critters section you have three little Ollie monkeys and they are so cute.

 For this card i have use a pattern , first you draw it , then you cut it out with a sissor and then fould it.
Yess and a lot of patience you must have for this  LOL.

I  have use some forest green papers , with leaves , a straw with a bamboo print on it.
Then a color the monkeys , they have not the same color but some are darker or lighter i found that nice.

The monkey with the banana is NANA LUV OLLIE  , the hanging is HANG OUT OLLIE , en the dancing is OLLIE GLEE.
The text says in dutch big birthday hug .

Hope you like my birthday card .
Wishing you a nice weekend !!
Hugs Christa

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