June Release Review!

June Release Review!

Can you guys believe its the end of June already? Crazy. But that does bring us to another Release Review!

With Summer upon us, at least up here in the northern hemisphere, we’ve slowed down a little in new goodies as the kiddos are home and all but we’ve also been bringing out some more clear re-releases that I think you’ll be happy to see…

First up, the new goods! Dakota has really been a sea going girl in June either sailing the high seas and being a total badass buccaneer or under the waves bringing that charm to all the finned dwellers of the deep. If my verbose descriptions didn’t give you a hint, I’m talking about Pirate Dakota and Mermaid Dakota!


Christa using Pirate Dakota


Anna Sigga using Mermaid Dakota


Mermaid Dakota by Melissa

For our next group, the re-releases, I can’t make such eloquent descriptions as we’ve got a few that crosses boundaries of linguistic analogies but I’m still going to put bets on that you’ll be happy to see them either way. Scroll on through the awesome examples from my wonderful Odd Girls and see what delights they have in store and what digi sets and images they have for you…

Therese using Flirty Mae Digi Set


Anna Sigga using Flirty Mae


Patti celebrating Canada Day With  Flirty Mae 


Anna Sigga using Rapunzel


Rapunzel by Alexis


Sadia using Cupcake Mae set


Fairy Magic by Melissa 


Snow White by Melissa


Sunny Mae by Melissa


Quite a variety there, amiright? I know there’s some of you out there that will be extra happy to see Fairy Magic in digi form, she’s been a well loved image since her first release and I hope she’ll get that same love in digi form too.

Now, after following the links to your favorites, I want you to get some coloring on and prep up. Tomorrow we kick off our July challenge and since its always anything goes, I want to see what you’re working on while you bask in the air conditioned goodness of your crafty spaces. See you then!