Hi Oddies!

I’m Cristina Valenzuela, today with a simple notebook.

I did not want to decorate this, I think the drawing is beautiful.
By the way, this is an exclusive design by Kristy Dalman, for her Patreon.
Do you like it? I assure you it’s worth it.

I wait every month with impatience to receive my drawings, I am like a little girl who expects a surprise, and I know that I will always like what I receive.

Something I thought I had lost many years ago …


I wanted to add the following in this drawing …

“Tree tips: stand up straight and proud. Remember your roots. Drink a lot of water Be happy with your own beauty. Enjoy the view and the outdoors.”

Why is not this here? I’m going to put it inside the notebook, I think she’s so pretty that she does not need anything else …


I hope you liked it, do not forget to visit us. See you soon, hugs.