Loaded Halloween paperbag

Loaded Halloween paperbag

Hi Oddies ,
Today a post with a lot of pictures so take a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy , 🙂

I have made a  Loaded Halloween paperbag,
I live in the netherlands so Halloween is not a holiday here, tobad because i love it .
So its hard to find some great halloween items , but with a lot of searching i have goods some awesome goodies.

In the front i use the Mini Headless Horseman.
The spider in front keeps it al together, so it cant fall.

This bag i made with some great halloween papers and some awesome cutting dies.
This is the front with Sorceress in training Tia
and Pumpkins

The back side , a made a scene with Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein
This bag is loaded with some little halloween goodies and i put it in the bag of the loaded paperbag.

Here you see the little goodies 😉 

I made some pockets here one with mini Vampire

Also in this pocket some great stuff to use for another halloween project.
A tag with Mad scientist Tobie
Do you see the little glas bottle , funny eyes in it , so cute .

And on this tag a scary clown , i hate clowns but i also love them LOL
This is Mini Clown

Here another pocket also filled with some great stuff, 
This is Mini Pajama zombie

I want to show you some straws that i made , with some chenille i made a wand, one with a cat and one with a spider, creepy!!

A plastic straw that i found in a shop here just like the frankenstein, a old fashioned squeezer, wrapped with some glitter ribbon and a with charm on it.

And that i made pictures my cat dribbel was not curious at all ,LOL

I made this halloween bag for my friend and teammate Martine , here we are looking to our projects , so funny picture.
Martine had made also a great halloween gift for me , so a big sneakpeak for you , the black hauntedhouse , and its so awesome every night i put the lights behind the windows on.
She will show you soon here project

So here we posed again 🙂
How do you like our badges oke we are not SOG addicted at all LOL,
 We can not get enough of it 🙂
I hope you like the post , and i wish you a great day.
XX Christa 

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  1. OMG! This is awesome! Love all the creations.

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