Taurus, May’s Zodiac Freebie

Taurus, May’s Zodiac Freebie

Hey Oddies! We made it to May and that means a new installment of our Zodiac Freebies. This month we are featuring Taurus, the sign for April 20 – May 20.

Taurus is typically symbolized by a bull or cow which got me thinking of a milkmaid. Looking up typical wear for a milkmaid it reminded me of Oktober Fest garb so I smished the ideas together and here we are…

I colored it like she was holding a beer but it could be a rootbeer float, a milk shake, or whatever you’d like. Not to pat my own back, but I heart the lil cowbell on her belt.

Want a little inspiration for this girl? Check out what Susanne did…

Remember, Taurus will be freebie until the end of the month. After that, she’ll still be in the shop at regular digi price so you can pick up Taurus or any of the past Zodiac digis any time.


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